Übersetzung von “lap” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablelap /læp/
=knee; the part of your legs you can rest sth on when you sit
genoux masculine plural

Come sit on my lap, sweetheart.
Viens t'asseoir sur mes genoux, mon ange.
one time around a racetrack
tour masculine

the final lap
le dernier tour

a lap of honor
un tour d'honneur


verblap /læp/ ( lapping, lapped )
transitive ( lap up ) (of an animal) to lick liquid with its tongue

a cat lapping its milk
un chat lapant son lait
transitive-intransitive (of water) to gently and repeatedly touch

waves lapping the seashore
des vagues clapotant sur la plage

water lapping against the boat
l'eau clapotant contre le bateau
transitive to move a lap ahead of sb in a race
avoir un tour d'avance sur qqn

The race leader is now lapping the other runners.
Le premier de la course a maintenant un tour d'avance sur les autres coureurs.

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verb /lӕp/ (past tense, past participle lapped)

to drink by licking with the tongue

The cat lapped milk from a saucer.

(of a liquid) to wash or flow (against)

clapoter (contre)
Water lapped the side of the boat.
lap up

to drink eagerly by lapping

The dog lapped up the water.


noun /lӕp/

the part from waist to knees of a person who is sitting

The baby was lying in its mother’s lap.

one round of a racecourse or other competition track

tour de piste
The runners have completed five laps, with three still to run.
lap dog

a small pet dog.

petit chien (de salon)
the lap of luxury

very luxurious conditions

luxe inouï
She had become used to living in the lap of luxury.

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