Übersetzung von “lapse” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablelapse /læps/
when sth fails or is not done properly
défaillance feminine

a lapse in concentration
un relâchement de l'attention

a momentary lapse of common sense
un bref moment d'égarement
an interval of time between
intervalle masculine

There was a lapse of seven years between our first date and our marriage.
Il y eut un intervalle de sept ans entre notre premier rendez-vous et notre mariage.


verb intransitivelapse /læps/
(of sth official) to stop being effective or valid

The agreement will lapse if payments are not made.
Le contrat expirera si les paiements ne sont pas effectués.

lapse into

verb phrasallapse into [ ˈlæps ˌɪntu, ˌɪntə ]
to change to a different state or condition
tomber dans

He soon lapsed into his old unhealthy habits.
Il est bientôt retombé dans ses anciennes habitudes malsaines.

to lapse into a coma
tomber dans le coma

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verb /lӕps/

to cease to exist, often because of lack of effort

His insurance policy had lapsed and had not been renewed.

to slip, fall, be reduced

(re)tomber dans
As he could think of nothing more to say, he lapsed into silence
I’m afraid our standards of tidiness have lapsed.



a passing away (of time)

I saw him again after a lapse of five years.

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