Übersetzung von “late” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivelate /leɪt/
≠early; after the time sth usually happens or is expected to happen
en retard

The buses are often late.
Les bus sont souvent en retard.

Don't be late for the meeting.
Ne soyez pas en retard pour la réunion.
≠early; close to the end of a period of time
proche de la fin d'une période donnée

in late summer/spring
à la fin de l'été / du printemps

He's probably in his late fifties by now.
Il doit probablement ne pas être loin des soixante ans maintenant.

the late 19th century
la fin du 19ème siècle
(of a person) dead

the widow of the late Mr. Fredericks
la veuve du défunt M. Fredericks


adverblate /leɪt/
≠early; happening or done after the usual or expected time

Please try not to arrive late.
S'il-te-plaît essaie de ne pas arriver en retard.

The children went to bed late that night.
Les enfants sont allés au lit tard ce soir.
≠early; happening or done close to the end of a period of time

She had her first child relatively late in life.
Elle a eu son premier enfant relativement tard.

We moved here late last year.
Nous avons emménagé ici en fin d'année dernière.

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adjective /leit/

coming etc after the expected or usual time

en retard
The train is late tonight
I try to be punctual, but I am almost always late.

far on in the day or night

They arrived late at night
It was very late when I got to bed.

dead, especially recently

le/la regretté(e)
the late king.

recently, but no longer, holding an office or position

Mr Allan, the late chairman, made a speech.
lateness noun

lately adverb

in the recent past or not long ago

Have you seen her lately?
later on

at a later time

plus tard
He hasn’t arrived yet but no doubt he’ll be here later on.
of late


ces temps-ci
He thought she had been less friendly of late.
later see latter.



far on in the day or night

They always go to bed late.

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