Übersetzung von “laugh” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb intransitivelaugh /læf, lɑf/
to make a sound because sth is funny

I laughed so hard in that movie.
Ce film m'a tellement fait rire.

to laugh at a joke
rire d'une plaisanterie

She really makes me laugh.
Elle me fait vraiment rire.
laugh your head off
informal to laugh a lot
rire comme un bossu

We laughed our heads off when we saw him in that suit.
Nous avons ri comme des bossus en le voyant dans ce costume.
no laughing matter
very serious
pas de quoi rire

What you did was illegal - this is no laughing matter.
Ce que tu as fait est illégal, il n'y a pas de quoi rire.

laugh at

verb phrasallaugh at [ ˈlæf ˌæt, ˈlɑf ]
to make unkind jokes or remarks about sb or sth
se moquer de

They laughed at her haircut and clothes.
Ils se sont moqués de sa coupe de cheveux et de ses vêtements.

laugh off

verb phrasallaugh off [ ˈlæf ˈɔf, ˈɒf, ˈlɑf ]
to make sth seem less serious by laughing
tourner en plaisanterie

If they say something nasty, I try to laugh it off.
S'ils disent quelque chose de méchant, j'essaie de le tourner en plaisanterie.


nounlaugh /læf, lɑf/
countable the sound sb makes when sth is funny
rire masculine

his big, loud laugh
son gros rire sonore

My jokes weren't getting any laughs.
Mes plaisanteries ne provoquèrent aucun rire.
a laugh singular
Brit informal=fun; an enjoyable experience
un bon moment masculine

It wasn't serious - we just did it for a laugh.
Ce n'était pas grave, nous l'avons juste fait pour rire.

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verb /laːf/

to make sounds with the voice in showing happiness, amusement, scorn etc

We laughed at the funny photographs
Children were laughing in the garden as they played.
laughable adjective

ridiculous or deserving scorn

Her attempts at drawing were laughable.

amusing; comical.

laughably adverb

laughingly adverb

as a joke

par plaisanterie
She suggested laughingly that he should try it himself.
laughter noun

the act or sound of laughing

We could hear laughter / the sound of laughter from the next room.
laughing stock noun

someone who is laughed at

If I wear that hat, I’ll be a laughing stock.
laugh at

to make it obvious that one regards something or someone as humorous, ridiculous or deserving scorn

se moquer de
Everyone will laugh at me if I wear that dress!
The others laughed at his fears.

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