Übersetzung von “launch” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivelaunch /lɔntʃ, lɑntʃ/
to start an activity involving many people

Organizers are launching the festival next month.
Les organisateurs lancent le festival le mois prochain.

to launch an attack
lancer une attaque
to begin to sell or make available for use

He launched his new book/website/blog.
Il a sorti son nouveau livre / lancé son nouveau site Internet / blog.

companies launching new products
des entreprises lançant de nouveaux produits
to send a weapon or spacecraft up or toward a target

to launch a missile/rocket
lancer un missile / une fusée
to send a new boat into the water
mettre à la mer

when the first cruise ship was launched
quand le premier navire de croisière a été mis à la mer

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verb /loːntʃ/

to make (a boat or ship) slide into the water or (a rocket) leave the ground

As soon as the alarm was sounded, the lifeboat was launched
The Russians have launched a rocket.

to start (a person, project etc) off on a course

His success on a TV talent show launched him on a brilliant career.

to throw.

The protesters launched bricks and other missiles at the police.
launching-pad noun

a platform from which a rocket can be launched.

rampe de lancement
launch into

to begin eagerly

se lancer dans
He launched into an enthusiastic description of the play.
launch out

to throw oneself freely into some new activity (often involving spending money).

se lancer dans
He decided to launch out on his own and become a freelance writer.


noun /loːntʃ/

a large, power-driven boat, usually used for short trips or for pleasure

bateau de plaisance
We cruised round the bay in a motor launch.

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