Übersetzung von “law” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounlaw //
uncountable all the rules of a society
loi feminine

By law, you cannot smoke in restaurants.
La loi interdit de fumer dans les restaurants.

to obey the law
obéir à la loi
against the law
not allowed according to law
contraire à la loi

Talking on a cell phone while driving is against the law.
Parler au téléphone cellulaire tout en conduisant est contraire à la loi.
break the law
to do sth against the law
enfreindre la loi

If you break the law, you go to jail.
Si on enfreint la loi, on va en prison.
law enforcement
the system of making sure the law is obeyed
maintien masculine de l'ordre

law enforcement officials
les représentants officiels du maintien de l'ordre

basic principles of law enforcement
les principes de base du maintien de l'ordre
law and order
a situation in which people are obeying laws
ordre masculine public

After the violence there was a brief return to law and order.
Après la violence, il y a eu un bref retour à l'ordre public.
countable a particular rule
loi feminine

a new law passed by Congress
une nouvelle loi votée par le Congrès

laws against drunk driving
des lois contre la conduite en état d'ivresse

a federal/state law
une loi fédérale / d'état
uncountable the study of the rules of a society, or the practice of being a lawyer
droit masculine

young people studying law
des jeunes gens étudiant le droit

He went to law school in Boston.
Il est allé à la faculté de droit à Boston.

a big law firm in the city
un grand cabinet juridique en ville
countable a rule or principle in a particular area of knowledge or activity
loi feminine

the laws of science
les lois de la science

the law of supply and demand
la loi de l'offre et de la demande
a law unto yourself
paying no attention to rules or accepted ways of behaving
n'en faire qu'à sa tête

My brother has always been a law unto himself.
Mon frère n'en a jamais fait qu'à sa tête.
lay down the law
to state rules and make clear that they must be obeyed
poser ses conditions

His parents laid down the law before giving him the car keys.
Ses parents ont posé leurs conditions avant de lui donner les clés de la voiture.
take the law into your own hands
to try to solve a problem without the help of the legal authorities
décider de se faire justice soi-même

The two men took the law in their own hands and went to find the killer.
Les deux hommes ont décidé de se faire justice eux-mêmes et sont partis en quête du tueur.

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noun /loː/

the collection of rules according to which people live or a country etc is governed

loi(s), législation
Breaking the speed limit is against the law
law and order.

any one of such rules

A new law has been passed by Parliament.

(in science) a rule that says that under certain conditions certain things always happen

the law of gravity.
lawful adjective

(negative unlawful) allowed by law

He was attacked while going about his lawful business.

just or rightful

She is the lawful owner of the property.
lawfully adverb

lawless adjective

paying no attention to, and not keeping, the law

sans loi
In its early days, the American West was full of lawless men.
lawlessly adverb

d’une manière illégale
lawlessness noun

lawyer /ˈloːjə/ noun

a person whose work it is to know about and give advice and help to others concerning the law

If you want to make your will, consult a lawyer.
law-abiding adjective

obeying the law

respectueux des lois
a law- abiding citizen.
law court (also court of law)

a place where people accused of crimes are tried and legal disagreements between people are judged.

cour de justice
lawsuit noun

a quarrel or disagreement taken to a court of law to be settled

She has threatened to file a lawsuit against him.
be a law unto oneself

to be inclined not to obey rules or follow the usual customs and conventions.

ne connaître d’autre loi que la sienne
Lucy is something of a law unto herself – you never quite know what she is going to do next.
the law

the police

la police
The thief was still in the building when the law arrived.
the law of the land

the established law of a country.

les lois du pays
lay down the law

to state something in a way that indicates that one expects one’s opinion and orders to be accepted without argument

(essayer de) faire la loi
With young children you have to lay down the law so that they clearly know right from wrong.

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