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verblead /lid/ ( pt pp led )
transitive-intransitive ≠follow; to show sb the way to a place by going with or ahead of them

She led the horse by the reins into the barn.
Elle a conduit le cheval en le tenant par les rênes dans l'écurie.

You lead in your car, and I'll follow.
Tu prendras la tête dans ta voiture et je suivrai.
transitive-intransitive to go or take to or toward

The road leads south out of the city.
La route mène vers le sud en sortant de la ville.

A jungle path leads you to the campsite.
Un sentier dans la jungle vous mène au campement.

a wire leading into the wall
un fil menant dans le mur
transitive-intransitive to be first or ahead of others in a competition, election, etc.

The Patriots are leading by three games in the league.
Les Patriots mènent par trois matches dans la ligue.

The country leads the world in automobile exports.
Le pays est leader mondial dans l'exportation automobile.
transitive-intransitive to cause, or to have a particular result
conduire , (a)mener

His discovery led him to stop believing in God.
Sa découverte l' a amené à cesser de croire en Dieu.

All the evidence leads to the conclusion that he is guilty.
Toutes les preuves mènent à la conclusion qu'il est coupable.
transitive-intransitive to be in charge or in control of sth
mener , diriger

She has led the company for nine years.
Elle a dirigé l'entreprise pendant neuf ans.

The general led the attack.
Le général mena l'attaque.
lead a ... life/lifestyle/existence
to live in a particular way
mener une vie / un style de vie / une existence

Hollywood stars leading extravagant lifestyles
Les vedettes hollywoodiennes menant des styles de vie extravagants.
lead the way
to go in front to show sb how to get somewhere
montrer le chemin

We left with Brian leading the way.
Nous sommes partis, Brian montrant le chemin.
to be the first to do sth
montrer l'exemple

This country should be leading the way in green technology.
Ce pays devrait montrer l'exemple en matière de technologie écologique.
to go in front to show sb how to get somewhere
montrer le chemin

We left with Brian leading the way.
Nous sommes partis, Brian montrant le chemin.
to be the first to do sth
montrer l'exemple

This country should be leading the way in green technology.
Ce pays devrait montrer l'exemple en matière de technologie écologique.

lead on

verb phrasallead on [ ˈlid ˈɒn, ˈɔn ]
to make sb think you like them romantically when you do not
faire marcher

I think she was leading him on.
Je pense qu'elle le faisait marcher.

lead up to

verb phrasallead up to [ ˈlid ˈʌp ˌtu, tə ]
to come before and cause

the events that led up to the shooting
les événements qui ont précédé la fusillade


nounlead /lid/
singular the first position in a competition, election, or activity
tête feminine
in the lead
en tête

The horse was in the lead from the start.
Le cheval était en tête depuis le départ.
take/lose the lead
to gain/lose the first position
prendre/perdre la tête

The polls show the Republican taking the lead.
Les sondages montrent que les Républicains prennent la tête.
countable =advantage; the amount of time, number of points, etc. sb is winning by
avance feminine

a lead of 10 points
une avance de 10 points

the team's big lead in the first half of the game
la grosse avance de l'équipe dans la première partie du match
countable =clue; information that can help you learn more about sth
piste feminine

several new leads in the murder case
plusieurs nouvelles pistes dans cette affaire de meurtre
singular sth sb does that others copy
exemple masculine

If we do it, others will follow our lead.
Si nous le faisons, d'autres suivront notre exemple.
take the lead
to do sth so that others also do it
montrer l'exemple

a company that has taken the lead in cutting prices
une entreprise qui a montré l'exemple en réduisant les prix
Brit an electrical cord or cable
fil masculine

an electrical lead
un fil électrique
Brit leash
laisse feminine


nounlead /lɛd/
uncountable a soft gray metal that is a chemical element
plomb masculine

lead pipes
des tuyaux de plomb
countable the dark part of a pencil that makes marks
mine masculine

The lead broke.
La mine s'est cassée.

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verb /liːd/ (past tense, past participle led /led/)

to guide or direct or cause to go in a certain direction

conduire, mener
Follow my car and I’ll lead you to the motorway
She took the child by the hand and led him across the road
He was leading the horse into the stable
The sound of hammering led us to the garage
You led us to believe that we would be paid!

to go or carry to a particular place or along a particular course

A small path leads through the woods.

(with to) to cause or bring about a certain situation or state of affairs

The heavy rain led to serious floods.

to be first (in)

An official car led the procession
He is still leading in the competition.

to live (a certain kind of life)

She leads a pleasant existence on a Greek island.
leader noun

a person who is in front or goes first

The fourth runner is several miles behind the leaders.

a person who is the head of, organizes or is in charge (of something)

The leader of the expedition is a scientist.

an article in a newspaper etc written to express the opinions of the editor.

He used the leader to criticize the government’s immigration policy.
leadership noun

the state of being a leader

He took over the leadership of the Labour party two years later.

the quality of being able to lead others; leadership ability

qualités de chef
The post requires a person who combines leadership and energy
She’s got leadership potential
Does he have any leadership qualities?
lead on

to deceive with false expectations.

faire marcher qqn
He accused her of leadning him on.

to go first; to show the way

ouvrir la marche
Lead on!
lead up the garden path

to deceive

mener en bateau
He led them up the garden path by persuading them to invest in a bogus company.
lead up to

to progress towards; to contribute to

conduire à
to lead up to a climax
the events leading up to the First World War.
lead the way

to go first (especially to show the way)

passer devant
She led the way upstairs.



the state of being first

We have a lead over the rest of the world in this kind of research.

the act of leading

We all followed his lead and entered the room.

the amount by which one is ahead of others

He has a lead of twenty metres (over the man in second place).

a leather strap or chain for leading a dog etc

All dogs must be kept on a lead.

a piece of information which will help to solve a mystery etc

The police have several leads concerning the identity of the thief.

a leading part in a play etc

rôle principal
Who plays the lead in that film?


noun /led/

(also adjective) (of) an element, a soft, heavy, bluish-grey metal

lead pipes
Are these pipes made of lead or copper?

the part of a pencil that leaves a mark

The lead of my pencil has broken.
leaden adjective


de plomb
leaden skies.

made of lead

de/en plomb
a leaden pipe.

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