Übersetzung von “leaf” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableleaf /lif/ ( plural leaves )
the flat green parts on a plant
feuille feminine

an oak/geranium/lettuce leaf
une feuille de chêne/géranium/laitue

The leaves turn orange in the fall.
Les feuilles deviennent orange en automne.
having a particular type of leaf
à feuilles...

broad-leafed plants
les plantes à grandes feuilles

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noun /liːf/ (plural leaves /liːvz/)

a part of a plant growing from the side of a stem, usually green, flat and thin, but of various shapes depending on the plant

Many trees lose their leaves in autumn.

something thin like a leaf, especially the page of a book

Several leaves had been torn out of the book.

an extra part of a table, either attached to one side with a hinge or added to the centre when the two ends are apart.

leaflet /-lit/ noun

a small, printed sheet containing information etc.

They were handing out leaflets in the street.
leafy adjective

having many leaves

a leafy plant.
turn over a new leaf

to begin a new and better way of behaving, working etc

changer de conduite
She had decided to turn over a new leaf and really concentrate on her studies.

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