Übersetzung von “lean” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verblean /lin/ ( Brit pt pp leant )
intransitive to stand, sit, or be positioned at an angle, not vertical
pencher , s'appuyer

a boy leaning against the wall
un garçon s'appuyant contre le mur

The pole leaned slightly to the right.
Le poteau penchait légèrement vers la droite.

He leaned across the table to get the salt.
Il se pencha par dessus la table pour prendre le sel.
lean over
to bend forward at the waist
se pencher

She leaned over to shake the child's hand.
Elle se pencha pour serrer la main de l'enfant.
transitive to put sth at an angle, usually supported by sth else

She leaned her bike against the wall.
Elle appuya son vélo contre le mur.
intransitive to be likely to choose or support
tendre à , incliner à

a moderate political party that leans toward the left
un parti politique modéré qui tend vers la gauche

We're leaning in the direction of putting the kids in another school.
Nous inclinons à mettre les enfants dans une autre école.


adjectivelean /lin/
thin, strong, and healthy

the lean body of an athlete
le corps mince d'un athlète
(of meat) having little fat

lean ground beef
bœuf haché maigre

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verb /liːn/ (past tense, past participles leant /lent/, leaned)

to slope over to one side; not to be upright

The lamp-post was leaning to one side.

to rest (against, on)

(s’)appuyer (à/contre/sur)
She leaned the ladder against the wall
Don’t lean your elbows on the table
He leant on the gate.
leaning noun

a liking or preference

penchant (pour)
She has a leaning towards the arts.


adjective /liːn/

thin; not fat

a tall, lean man.

not containing much fat

lean meat.

poor; not producing much

a lean harvest.
leanness noun


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