Übersetzung von “leap” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb intransitiveleap /lip/ ( pt pp leaped or leapt )
to jump a long distance
bondir , sauter

The frog leaped into the water.
La grenouille sauta/bondit dans l'eau.
to move quickly

She leapt up to answer the phone.
Elle se leva d'un bond pour répondre au téléphone.
to increase or advance by a large amount
faire un bond

The price of housing leapt up.
Le prix des logements a fait un bond.
leap at the chance/opportunity
to accept a chance to do sth eagerly
sauter sur l'occasion

She leapt at the chance to travel abroad.
Elle a sauté sur l'occasion de voyager à l'étranger.


noun countableleap /lip/
a sudden increase or advance
bond masculine

a leap forward in laser technology
un bond en avant dans la technologie du laser
in leaps and bounds
increasing or advancing quickly
à pas de géant

Her English is improving in leaps and bounds.
Son anglais s'améliore à pas de géant.
a long jump
saut masculine

a leap over the fence
un saut par dessus la clôture
a leap of faith
a choice or decision you make without any evidence to support it
un acte de foi

Accepting her offer was a leap of faith.
C'était un acte de foi que d'accepter son offre.

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verb /liːp/ (past tense, past participles leapt /lept/, especially American leaped)

to jump

He leapt into the boat.

to jump over

sauter par-dessus
The dog leapt the wall.

to rush eagerly

She leaped into his arms.
leapfrog noun

a game in which one person vaults over another’s bent back, pushing off from his hands.

leap year

every fourth year, which consists of 366 days, February having 29, ie 1996, 2000, 2004 etc.

année bissextile
by leaps and bounds

extremely rapidly and successfully

à pas de géant
His English is improving by leaps and bounds.

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