Übersetzung von “left” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


left /lɛft/ pt pp
see leave


adjectiveleft /lɛft/
≠right; on the side that is to the west when you look north

your left hand
votre main gauche

Take a left turn.
Tournez à gauche.

on the left side of the page
sur le côté gauche de la page


nounleft /lɛft/
the/sb's left
the left side or direction
la gauche (de qqn)

on the left of your screen
sur la gauche de votre écran

Turn to the left.
Tournez vers la gauche.

Look to your left.
Regardez sur votre gauche.
countable a road, path, or turn on the left side
à gauche
the first/second/next etc. left
le/la premier/-ière / second/-onde / prochain/-aine à gauche

It's the next left, after the gas station.
C'est la prochaine à gauche, après la station-service.
take/make a left
to turn to the left
tourner à gauche

Make a left at the light onto Main St.
Tournez à gauche au feu sur Main St.
the left/Left
≠the right; people who have left-wing political beliefs
la gauche

ideals associated with the left
des idéaux associés à la gauche


adverbleft /lɛft/
to or toward the left side
à gauche

Turn/Go left here.
Tournez/Allez à gauche ici.

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adjective /left/

on, for, or belonging to, the side of the body that in most people has the less skilful hand (the side of a person or thing which is toward the west when that person or thing is facing north-opposite to right)

She wore an engagement ring on her left hand
They drive on the left side of the road in Britain.
left-hand adjective

at the left; to the left of something else

à/de gauche
the bottom left-hand drawer of the desk.

towards the left

à gauche
a left-hand bend in the road.
left-handed adjective

having the left hand more skilful than the right

Are you left-handed or right-handed?
left-handedness noun

fait d’être gaucher
left-wing adjective

(having opinions which are) radical, socialist or communist

de gauche
a left-wing politician.
left wing

the left of a political party

He’s on the left wing of the Labour Party.



within a political party, Parliament etc, the most radical or socialist group

She’s on the left of the party.

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