Übersetzung von “leg” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableleg /lɛg/
one of the two parts attached to your feet, that support your body
jambe feminine

his right/left leg
sa jambe droite/gauche

to sit with your legs crossed
être assis les jambes croisées
one of the parts of an animal's, bird's, or insect's body that it uses to walk
patte feminine

the dog's front/hind legs
les pattes avant/arrière du chien

Spiders have eight legs.
Les araignées ont huit pattes.
one of the parts that supports a piece of furniture
pied masculine

a table/chair leg
un pied de table/chaise
the part of a pair of pants that covers one leg
jambe feminine

a rip in the leg of her pants
une déchirure dans sa jambe de pantalon
a piece of meat from the leg of an animal
gigot masculine

a leg of lamb
un gigot d'agneau
one part of a trip or race
étape feminine

the first leg of the tour
la première étape du voyage

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noun /leɡ/

one of the limbs by which animals and man walk

patte, jambe
The horse injured a front leg
She stood on one leg.

the part of an article of clothing that covers one of these limbs closely

He has torn the leg of his trousers.

a long, narrow support of a table etc

One of the legs of the chair was broken.

one stage in a journey, competition etc

the last leg of the trip
the second leg of the contest.
-legged /leɡid/ adjective

à/aux… jambes (…)
a long-legged girl
a four-legged animal.
pull someone’s leg

to try as a joke to make someone believe something which is not true

faire marcher qqn
You haven’t really got a black mark on your face – he’s only pulling your leg.

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