Übersetzung von “lend” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verblend /lɛnd/ ( pt pp lent )
transitive to let sb have or use sth, which they will give back to you later

I lent him a few books on the subject.
Je lui ai prêté quelques livres sur le sujet.

She's lending her dress to her sister for the dance.
Elle prête sa robe à sa sœur pour la danse.
transitive-intransitive to give sb money, which they will pay you back later, often with interest

banks lending to people with poor credit
des banques prêtant aux personnes qui ont peu de crédit

My father lent me $2,000.
Mon père m'a prêté 2 000 $.
transitive to give a particular quality to sth
prêter , conférer

The fact that the managers were there lent the event a more serious atmosphere.
Le faits que les directeurs étaient là conférait à l'événement une atmosphère plus grave.
transitive to provide help

to lend assistance to the project
prêter assistance au projet
lend a helping hand
donner un coup de main

Thanks to the volunteers who lent a helping hand.
Merci aux bénévoles qui ont donné un coup de main.
lend an ear
to help sb by listening to their problems
prêter l'oreille

She's always ready to lend an ear.
Elle est toujours prête à prêter l'oreille.

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verb /lend/ (past tense, past participle lent /lent/)

to give (someone) the use of for a time

She had forgotten her umbrella so I lent her mine to go home with.

to give or add (a quality) to

Desperation lent him strength.
lend itself to

to be suitable for or adapt easily to

(se) prêter à
The play lends itself to performance by children.
see also borrow.

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