Übersetzung von “lens” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablelens /lɛnz/
a curved piece of glass or plastic you look through to make things look bigger, clearer, etc.
lentille feminine

a camera lens
un objectif de caméra

I broke one of the lenses of my glasses.
J'ai cassé l'un des verres de mes lunettes.
; see also contact lens
the part of the eye that focuses light
cristallin masculine

light coming through the lens
la lumière traversant le cristallin

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noun /lenz/

a piece of glass etc curved on one or both sides and used in spectacles, microscopes, cameras etc

verre, lentille
I need new lenses in my spectacles
The camera lens is dirty.

a similar part of the eye

The disease has affected the lens of his left eye.
lens is singular; the plural is lenses.

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