Übersetzung von “less” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


determinerless /lɛs/
used to mean "a smaller amount of" with uncountable nouns

less time/money/effort/food
moins de temps / d'argent /effort / de nourriture

She continued with less enthusiasm than before.
Elle a continué avec moins d'enthousiasme qu'auparavant.


pronoun [ ]

Their profit was less than expected.
Le bénéfice était moindre que prévu.

This semester is less of a challenge than last.
Ce semestre a moins été un défi que le dernier.


adverbless /lɛs/
to a smaller degree

It snowed less than expected.
Il a neigé moins qu'on s'y attendait.

less interesting/risky/beautiful
moins intéressant/risqué/beau

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adjective /les/

(often with than) not as much (as)

plus petit que, moins (de)
Think of a number less than forty
He drank his tea and wished he had put less sugar in it
The salary for that job will be not less than $30,000.
lessen verb

to make or become less

The fan lessened the heat a little
When the children left, the noise lessened considerably.
lesser adjective

smaller or not as important

le/la moindre
the lesser of two evils.
the less … the less/more


The less I see of him, the better (pleased I’ll be)!
The less I practise, the less confident I become
The less I try, the more I succeed.
no less a person etc than

as great a person etc


rien (de) moins que
I had tea with no less a person than the Prime Minister
less is used in speaking about quantity or amount: People should eat less fat ; I’ve less than $100 in the bank. fewer sould be used in speaking about numbers of individual things or people: I’ve fewer books than he has ; There were fewer than 50 people at the meeting.

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