Übersetzung von “letter” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableletter /ˈlɛtər/
a message you write and send to sb
lettre feminine

My father wrote/sent me a letter.
Mon père m'a écrit/envoyé une lettre.

a letter from her aunt
une lettre de sa tante

to mail a letter
poster une lettre
one of the written symbols representing the sounds in speech
lettre feminine

the letter 'A'
la lettre "A"

He wrote "NO" in capital letters.
Il a écrit "NON" en lettres majuscules.
to the letter
à la lettre

He followed my orders to the letter.
Il a suivi mes ordres à la lettre.

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noun /ˈletə/

a mark expressing a sound

the letters of the alphabet.

a written message, especially sent by post in an envelope

She slowly took the letter from its envelope
Did you post my letter?
lettering noun

the way in which letters are formed

the art of lettering.

letters which have been drawn, painted etc

He repainted the lettering over the shop door.
letterbox noun

a slit in a door (sometimes with a box behind it) through which mail from the post is put

boîte à/aux lettres
He put the card through the letterbox.

a postbox.

boîte à/aux lettres
letterhead noun

the name and address of a company, a person etc printed at the top of a piece of writing paper.

en tête
to the letter

precisely; according to every detail

à la lettre
He followed his father’s instructions to the letter.

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