Übersetzung von “level” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounlevel /ˈlɛvəl/
countable the amount of sth that exists at a particular point
niveau masculine , taux masculine

high levels of mercury in the water
des taux élevés de mercure dans l'eau

Unemployment is at the lowest level ever known.
Le chômage est au niveau le plus bas qu'on lui ait jamais connu.
countable the height of sth in relation to a surface or container
niveau masculine

the level of the water in the tank
le niveau d'eau dans la citerne
countable-uncountable a standard of quality
niveau masculine

classes at the graduate level
des cours au niveau de troisième cycle

high levels of accuracy
des niveaux élevés de fiabilité

players competing at the top level of college football
des joueurs évoluant au plus haut niveau de compétition du football universitaire
countable a rank or position in a range
niveau , échelon masculine

people in the top levels of management
des personnes aux échelons les plus élevés de la direction

a program that started at a local level
un programme qui a débuté à un niveau local
countable a floor of a building
étage masculine

repairs being done on the lower level of the library
des réparations en cours à l'étage inférieur de la bibliothèque
countable a way of thinking about sth
niveau masculine

I can relate to his story on many levels.
Je peux établir un rapport avec son histoire à plusieurs niveaux.
on the level
informal legal or honest

I'm sure she's on the level.
Je suis sûr qu'elle est honnête.


adjectivelevel /ˈlɛvəl/
flat and not at an angle
plan/plane , plat/plate

a level surface
une surface plane

Find a spot where the ground is level.
Trouve un endroit où le sol est plat.
(of two objects) with edges at the same height
à la même hauteur

Hang the pictures so that they're level with each other.
Accroche les tableaux de manière à ce qu'ils soient à la même hauteur.
Brit (of a score or amount) equal to another
à égalité

The score was level at halftime.
Le score était à égalité à la mi-temps.
a level playing field
a situation in which everyone has the same advantages and disadvantages
une situation équitable

worries about the lack of a level playing field in the election
des soucis concernant l'absence de situation équitable dans cette élection


verb transitivelevel /ˈlɛvəl/ ( leveling, leveled or levelling, levelled )
to destroy a building completely

The entire block was leveled.
Le pâté de maisons entier a été rasé.
to make flat

They leveled the driveway with a roller.
Ils ont aplani l'allée avec un rouleau.
Brit to make a score or two numbers, amounts, etc. equal

England levelled the score.
L'Angleterre a égalisé le score.

level at/against

verb phrasallevel at/against [ ˈlɛvəl ˌæt/ˈəˌgɛnst ]
to make an accusation or criticism
porter contre / à l'encontre de

murder charges leveled at the woman's boyfriend
des accusations de meurtre portées à l'encontre du petit-ami de la femme

level off/out

verb phrasallevel off/out [ ˈlɛvəl ˈɔf, ˈɒf/ˈaʊt ]
to flatten or become flat

workmen leveling off the playing field
des ouvriers aplanissant le terrain de jeu

The ground leveled out and then sloped upward again.
Le terrain s'aplanissait puis remontait en pente.
to stop rising and falling or fluctuating
se stabiliser

Obesity rates are leveling off in the U.S.
Les taux d'obésité se stabilisent aux U.S.A.

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noun /ˈlevl/

height, position, strength, rank etc

The level of the river rose
Dolphins possess a high level of intelligence.

a horizontal division or floor

We’re parked on the third level of the multi-storey car park.

a kind of instrument for showing whether a surface is level

a spirit level.

a flat, smooth surface or piece of land

It was difficult running uphill but he could run fast on the level.
levelness noun

nature unie
level crossing

a place where a road crosses a railway without a bridge.

passage à niveau
level-headed adjective

calm and sensible

a level-headed young man who is unlikely to do anything stupid.

a level-headed young man who is unlikely to do anything stupid.
do one’s level best

to do one’s very best.

faire de son mieux
She did her level best to beat her opponent.
level off

to make or become flat, even, steady etc

(se) stabiliser
After rising for so long, prices have now levelled off.
level out

to make or become level

devenir plat
The road levels out as it comes down to the plain.
on a level with

level with

au niveau de
His eyes were on a level with the shop counter.
on the level

fair; honest

He’s always been on the level whenever I’ve done bsuiness with him.

He’s always been on the level whenever I’ve done bsuiness with him.



of the same height, standard etc

au niveau de, à égalité (avec)
The top of the kitchen sink is level with the window-sill
The scores of the two teams are level.

steady, even and not rising or falling much

a calm, level voice.


verb (past tense, past participle levelled, British leveled)

to make equal

His goal levelled the scores of the two teams.

(usually with at) to aim (a gun etc)

braquer (sur)
He levelled his pistol at the target.

to pull down

The bulldozer levelled the block of flats.

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