Übersetzung von “lie” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb intransitivelie /laɪ/ ( lying pt lay pp lain )
to be or put yourself in a horizontal position
être allongé/-ée / s'allonger

people lying on the beach
des personnes allongées sur la plage

He lay in bed watching TV.
Il était allongé sur le lit, regardant la télé.

I had to lie flat on my back.
Je dois m'allonger à plat sur le dos.
to be in a particular position
se trouver

a knife lying on the floor
un couteau se trouvant sur le sol

What mountain lies near Lake Tanganyika?
Quelle montagne se trouve près du LacTanganyika ?

lie around

verb phrasallie around [ ˈlaɪ əˈraʊnd ]
(of an object) to have been left somewhere

clothes lying around on the floor
des vêtements traînant sur le sol
to spend time relaxing

We spent the afternoon lying around at home.
Nous avons passé l'après-midi à traîner à la maison.

lie back

verb phrasallie back [ ˈlaɪ ˈbæk ]
to move from a sitting position to a horizontal position

Just lie back for me please.
Allonge-toi juste, pour moi, s'il-te-plaît.

lie behind

verb phrasallie behind [ ˈlaɪ bɪˈhaɪnd ]
to be the cause of or reason for
se cacher derrière

We never knew what lay behind his decision to quit.
Nous n'avons jamais su ce qui se cachait derrière sa décision de démissionner.

lie down

verb phrasallie down [ ˈlaɪ ˈdaʊn ]
to be or put yourself in a horizontal position

I need to lie down for a little while.
Je dois m'allonger un peu.

lie in

verb phrasallie in [ ˈlaɪ ˈɪn ] Brit
to get up later in the morning than usual
rester au lit

lie with

verb phrasallie with [ ˈlaɪ ˌwɪθ, ˌwɪð ]
indicates who has responsibility for sth

The responsibility for teaching healthy eating lies with parents.
La responsabilité d'apprendre à manger sainement incombe aux parents.


verb intransitivelie /laɪ/ ( lying pt pp lied )
to deliberately say sth that is not true

He felt he had to lie.
Il sentit qu'il devait mentir.

She knew he was lying to her about the money.
Elle savait qu'il lui mentait à propos de l'argent.


noun countablelie /laɪ/
sth you say that you know is not true
mensonge masculine

That's a lie!
C'est un mensonge !
tell a lie
to say sth that is a lie

Mom says not to tell lies.
Maman dit de ne pas mentir.
; see also truth

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noun /lai/

a false statement made with the intention of deceiving

It would be a lie to say I knew, because I didn’t.
liar /ˈlaiə/ noun

a person who tells lies, especially as a habit

You can’t trust what she says – she’s such a liar.
see also lay1.


verb /lai/ (present participle lying, past tense lay /lei/, past participle lain /lein/)

to be in or take a more or less flat position

She went into the bedroom and lay on the bed
The book was lying in the hall.

to be situated; to be in a particular place etc

(se) trouver, résider
The farm lay three miles from the sea
His interest lies in farming.

to remain in a certain state

The shop is lying empty now.

(with in) (of feelings, impressions etc) to be caused by or contained in

résider (dans)
His charm lies in his honesty.
lie back

to lean back on a support

(se) renverser (en arrière)
He lay back against the pillows and went to sleep.
lie down

to take a flat or horizontal position

The man lay down
My hair won’t lie down.
lie in

to stay in bed late in the morning

faire la grasse matinée
I like to lie in until nine on a Saturday.
lie in wait (for)

to be waiting to catch or attack

(se) tenir à l’affût
They lay in wait at the corner of the street and attacked him on his way home.
lie low

to stay quiet or hidden

rester caché
The criminal lay low until the police stopped looking for him.
lie with

(of a choice, duty etc) to be the responsibility of

incomber à
The decision lies with you.
take lying down

to accept or suffer (something) without arguing, complaining or trying to avoid it

I’m not going to take these insults lying down.

accepter sans broncher
I’m not going to take these insults lying down.
see also lay1.

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