Die Übersetzung von "lie" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /lai/ (present participle lying, past tense lay /lei/, past participle lain /lein/)

to be in or take a more or less flat position

She went into the bedroom and lay on the bed
The book was lying in the hall.

to be situated; to be in a particular place etc

(se) trouver, résider
The farm lay three miles from the sea
His interest lies in farming.

to remain in a certain state

The shop is lying empty now.

(with in) (of feelings, impressions etc) to be caused by or contained in

résider (dans)
His charm lies in his honesty.
lie back

to lean back on a support

(se) renverser (en arrière)
He lay back against the pillows and went to sleep.
lie down

to take a flat or horizontal position

The man lay down
My hair won’t lie down.
lie in

to stay in bed late in the morning

faire la grasse matinée
I like to lie in until nine on a Saturday.
lie in wait (for)

to be waiting to catch or attack

(se) tenir à l’affût
They lay in wait at the corner of the street and attacked him on his way home.
lie low

to stay quiet or hidden

rester caché
The criminal lay low until the police stopped looking for him.
lie with

(of a choice, duty etc) to be the responsibility of

incomber à
The decision lies with you.
take lying down

to accept or suffer (something) without arguing, complaining or trying to avoid it

I’m not going to take these insults lying down.

accepter sans broncher
I’m not going to take these insults lying down.
see also lay1.

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