Übersetzung von “lift” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verblift /lɪft/
transitive to raise to a higher position
lever , soulever

Can you help me lift the table?
Peux-tu m'aider à soulever la table ?

Her father lifted her over the fence.
Sa père l'a fait passer par dessus la barrière.
transitive (of a rule, ban, etc.) to cancel

to lift the ban on the export of meat
lever l'interdiction sur l'exportation de viande
transitive to improve or make brighter or happier

a strategy to help lift the poor out of poverty
une stratégie pour arracher les personnes démunies à la pauvreté

to lift sb's spirits
remonter le moral de qqn

A lighter color would help to lift the room a little.
Une couleur plus claire aiderait à rehausser un peu la pièce.
intransitive (of bad weather) to disappear
se lever

The fog began to lift.
Le brouillard commençait à se lever.
not lift a finger
to not do anything to help
ne pas lever le petit doigt

We were working hard, but she didn't lift a finger all day.
Nous avons travaillé dur mais elle n'a pas levé le petit doigt de toute la journée.

lift off

verb phrasallift off [ ˈlɪft ˈɔf, ˈɒf ]
(of a spacecraft) to leave the ground

The shuttle is about to lift off.
La navette est sur le point de décoller.


nounlift /lɪft/
countable a movement to a higher position
haussement masculine

a lift of the eyebrows
un haussement des sourcils
countable a ride in a car
balade feminine

I can give you a lift home.
Je peux te déposer chez toi.
informal singular the effect of making sb happier
regain masculine d'enthousiasme
give sb a lift
remonter le moral de qqn

Meeting the celebrities gives these young patients a real lift.
Rencontrer les célébrités remonte vraiment le moral de ces jeunes patients.
countable Brit elevator
ascenseur masculine

Two people were in the lift.
Il y avait deux personnes dans l'ascenseur.

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verb /lift/

to raise or bring to a higher position

The box was so heavy I couldn’t lift it.

to take and carry away

He lifted the table through into the kitchen.

(of mist etc) to disappear

se lever
By noon, the fog was beginning to lift.

to rise

The aeroplane lifted into the air.
lift off noun (lift-off)




(American elevator) a small enclosed platform etc that moves up and down between floors carrying goods or people

Since she was too tired to climb the stairs, she went up in the lift.

a ride in someone’s car etc

trajet dans la voiture de qqn
Can I give you a lift into town?

a raising of the spirits

Her success in the exam gave her a great lift.

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