Übersetzung von “link” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivelink /lɪŋk/
to connect or relate people or things to one another
établir un lien

Scientist have linked smoking with lung cancer.
Des scientifiques ont établi un lien entre le fait de fumer et le cancer du poumon.
to physically join one thing to another thing

a tunnel that would link New England to Long Island
un tunnel qui relierait la Nouvelle Angleterrre à Long Island

link up

verb phrasallink up [ ˈlɪŋk ˈʌp ]
to create a connection or relationship between two people or things

charities linking up with for-profit companies
des organisations caritatives s'associant à des entreprises axées sur le profit


noun countablelink /lɪŋk/
a connection or relationship between two things or people
lien masculine , relation feminine

the link between smoking and lung cancer
le lien entre le fait de fumer et le cancer du poumon

The city has links with three other southern cities.
La ville a des relations avec trois autres villes du sud.
a picture or line of text on a website that connects you to another web page
lien masculine

Click on the link below for more information.
Cliquez sur le lien ci-dessous pour plus d'information.
Brit a way in which two places are connected
liaison feminine

rail links to other cities
des liaisons ferroviaires vers les autres viles

transport links between the two regions
les liaisons par transports en commun entre les deux régions
one of the parts of a chain
maillon masculine

One of the links had been cut.
Un des maillons avait été sectionné.

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noun /liŋk/

a ring of a chain

maillon, chaînon
There was a worn link in the chain and it broke
an important link in the chain of the evidence.

anything connecting two things

lien, intermédiaire
His job was to act as a link between the government and the press.
link up (link-up)


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