Übersetzung von “live” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verblive /lɪv/
intransitive to be or stay alive

My great-grandfather lived when there were few cars around.
Mon arrière-grand-père a vécu du temps où il y avait peu de voitures.

They were not sure if she would live or not.
Ils n'étaient pas certains de savoir si elle vivrait ou pas.
intransitive to have your home somewhere
vivre , habiter

Where do you live?
Où habitez-vous ?

We've lived in Germany for three years.
Nous avons vécu en Allemagne pendant trois ans.

She lives at 32 Laurel Road.
Elle habite au 32 Laurel Road.

Do you live in a house or an apartment?
Vivez-vous dans une maison ou dans un appartement ? / Habitez-vous une maison ou un appartement ?
transitive-intransitive to have a particular type of life
vivre , mener

We live a simple life.
Nous menons une vie simple.

The villagers live in fear of rebel attacks.
Les villageois vivent dans la crainte des attaques des rebelles.

to live in comfort/poverty/peace
vivre dans le confort / la pauvreté / en paix
can live with
indicates you can accept sth you do not like very much
peux/peut/pouvons/pouvez/peuvent vivre avec

I can live with the noise, but not the smell.
Je peux vivre avec le bruit mais pas l'odeur.

live by

verb phrasallive by [ ˈlɪv ˌbaɪ ]
to live according to a belief
vivre selon

I like to live by my own rules.
J'aime vivre selon mes propres règles.

live for

verb phrasallive for [ ˈlɪv ˌfɔr ]
to think that sth or sb is the most important thing in your life
vivre pour

She lived for her three young children.
Elle vivait pour ses trois jeunes enfants.

live off

verb phrasallive off [ ˈlɪv ˌɔf, ˌɒf ]
to rely on sb or sth for the things you need to live
vivre aux crochets de

You can't live off the government all your life.
On ne peut pas vivre aux crochets du gouvernement toute sa vie.

live on

verb phrasallive on [ ˈlɪv ˌɒn, ˌɔn ]
to eat one type of food in order to survive
vivre / se nourrir de

They lived on rice and beans for months.
Ils se sont nourris de riz et de haricots pendant des mois.
to have an amount of money to survive
vivre avec

How can anyone live on just $300 a month?
Comment quiconque peut vivre avec 300 $ par mois ?

live through

verb phrasallive through [ ˈlɪv θru ]
to experience sth unpleasant and survive
survivre à

She lived through two world wars.
Elle a survécu à deux guerres mondiales.

live together

verb phrasallive together [ ˈlɪv təˌgɛðər ]
(of two people in a sexual relationship) to live in the same house without being married
vivre ensemble

We lived together for three years.
Nous avons vécu ensemble pendant trois ans.

live up to

verb phrasallive up to [ ˈlɪv ˈʌp ˌtu, tə ]
to match or reach what was hoped or expected
se montrer à la hauteur de

a young tennis player who never lived up to her potential
une jeune joueuse de tennis qui ne s'est jamais montrée à la hauteur de son potentiel

live with

verb phrasallive with [ ˈlɪv ˌwɪθ, ˈwɪð ]
to share a home with
habiter avec

He's 35 and still lives with his parents.
Il a 35 ans et habite encore avec ses parents.
=tolerate; to deal with calmly

She could not live with his bad moods any longer.
Elle ne pouvait plus supporter ses sautes d'humeur.


adjectivelive /laɪv/
(always before n) living, not dead

a live mouse
une souris vivante
having electricity running through
sous tension

a live wire
un fil sous tension
(of a TV or radio show) being broadcast and seen or heard at the same time
en direct

a live talk show
un talk-show en direct
(of a concert, performance, etc.) performed in front of an audience
en public

a live performance
un spectacle en public
(of ammunition, bullets, etc.) real and able to explode

live ammunition
balles réelles


adverblive /laɪv/
at the same time as being seen or heard
en direct

We're broadcasting live from Times Square.
Nous émettons en direct de Times Square.
in front of an audience, not recorded
en public

She would be singing live to a huge audience.
Elle chanterait devant un immense public.

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verb /liv/

to have life; to be alive

a threat to virtually everything that lives on the planet.

to survive

The doctors say he is very ill, but they think he will live.
It was difficult to believe that she had lived through such an experience.

to have one’s home or dwelling (in a particular place)

vivre, habiter
She lives next to the church.
They went to live in Bristol / in a huge house.

to pass (one’s life)

He lived a life of luxury.
She lives in fear of being attacked.

(with by) to make enough money etc to feed and house oneself

vivre (de)
He lives by fishing.
-lived adjective

having (a certain type of) life

à la vie (…)
living adjective

having life; being alive

a living creature
The aim of the project was to discover if there was anything living on Mars.

now alive

Many consider him to be the greatest living artist.
living room noun

the room of a house etc in which the occupants of the house usually sit during their leisure time.

salle de séjour
live-in adjective

living in the same place with a sexual partner without being married to him/her

compagne, compagnon
a live-in partner/boyfriend.
live and let live

to tolerate other people’s actions and expect them to tolerate one’s own.

il faut se montrer tolérant
live down

to live through the shame of (a foolish act etc) till it is forgotten

faire oublier à la longue
It would be a long time until he could live down such an embarrassing incident.
live in/out

to have one’s home at, away from, the place where one works

être logé et nourri; ne pas être logé
All the hotel staff live in
The nurse chose to live out.
live on

to keep oneself alive by eating

se nourrir de
He lives on fish and potatoes.

to be supported (financially) by

vivre avec
He lives on $40 a week.
live up to

to behave in a manner worthy of

vivre en accord avec
He found it difficult to live up to his reputation as a hero.
(with)in living memory

within a period recent enough to be remembered by someone still alive

de mémoire d’homme
It was the worst harvest in living memory.


adjective /laiv/

having life; not dead

a live mouse.

(of a radio or television broadcast etc) heard or seen as the event takes place; not recorded

en direct
I watched a live performance of my favourite opera on television
Was the performance live or recorded?

full of energy, and capable of becoming active

actif, amorcé, branché
a live bomb


a live coal.
lively adjective

active; full of life, high spirits or movement

plein d’entrain
She took a lively interest in us
The music is bright and lively.
liveliness noun

livestock noun

domestic animals, especially horses, cattle, sheep, and pigs.

live wire

a wire charged with electricity.

fil sous tension

a person who is full of energy and enthusiasm

personne qui pète le feu
He is very quiet, but his sister is a real live wire.

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