Übersetzung von “load” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableload /loʊd/
the things carried, especially by a vehicle
charge feminine , chargement masculine

a truck carrying a load of electronic equipment
un camion transportant un chargement d'équipement électronique
=workload; the amount of work sb has to do
charge feminine de travail

a doctor's patient load
la clientèle d'un médecin
a load of/loads of
Brit informal a lot of
des tas de

Loads of people eat unhealthily.
Des tas de gens ne mangent pas sainement.


verbload /loʊd/
transitive-intransitive ( load up ) to fill or pack things into or onto sth

We loaded up the car with all the camping equipment.
Nous avons chargé la voiture avec tout le matériel de camping.

a ship being loaded
un navire en cours de chargement
transitive to put sth into a piece of equipment so that it can be used

Load the cartridge into the printer.
Chargez la cartouche dans l'imprimante.

He was loading his gun.
Il chargeait son fusil.
; see also download

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noun /ləud/

something which is being carried

charge, chargement
The lorry had to stop because its load had fallen off
She was carrying a load of groceries.

as much as can be carried at one time

two lorry-loads of earth.

a large amount

un (des) tas de
He talked a load of rubbish
We ate loads of ice-cream.

the power carried by an electric circuit

The wires were designed for a load of 15 amps.
loaded adjective

carrying a load

a loaded van.

(of a gun) containing ammunition

a loaded pistol.

(of a camera) containing film.




to put ammunition into (a gun)

He loaded the revolver and fired.

to put film into (a camera).


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