Übersetzung von “loan” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounloan /loʊn/
countable an arrangement to borrow money from a bank or another person
prêt masculine

a bank loan
un prêt bancaire
take out a loan
to arrange a loan with a bank
contracter un prêt

She took out a loan to pay for the house.
Elle a contracté un prêt pour payer la maison.
pay off a loan
to give back the money you borrowed
rembourser un prêt

I'm hoping to pay off my student loan as quickly as possible.
J'espère rembourser mon prêt étudiant aussi vite que possible.
on loan
being borrowed by sb

These paintings are on loan to the city art gallery.
Ces tableaux sont prêtés à la galerie d'art de la ville.


verb transitiveloan /loʊn/ informal
to lend sth

Will you loan me your car for the weekend?
Est-ce que tu me prêtes ta voiture pour le week-end ?

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noun /ləun/

anything lent, especially money

I shall ask the bank for a loan.

the act of lending

I gave him the loan of my bicycle.

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