Die Übersetzung von "local" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


adjective /ˈləukəl/

belonging to a certain place or district

local, du quartier
The local shops are very good
local residents.
locally adverb

locality /ləˈkaləti/ noun (plural localities)

a district

Public transport is a problem in this locality.
locate /ləˈkeit, (American) ˈloukeit/ verb

to set in a particular place or position

The kitchen is located in the basement.

to find the place or position of

He located the street he was looking for on the map.
location /-ˈkeiʃən/ noun

position or situation

situation, emplacement
This would be an ideal lccation for a picnic.

the act of locating.

on location

(of filming) in natural surroundings outside the studio

en extérieur
The entire film was shot on location.

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