Übersetzung von “log” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablelog /lɔg, lɒg/
a piece of wood cut from a tree
bûche feminine

Put a log on the fire.
Mets une bûche sur le feu.
a record of the times and dates sth happens
registre masculine

to keep a log of events
tenir un compte-rendu des événements


verb transitivelog /lɔg, lɒg/ ( logging, logged )
to make a log of when sth happens

Make sure to log every transaction.
Assurez-vous de consigner chaque transaction.

log in/on

verb phrasallog in/on [ ˈlɔg ˈɪn/ˈɒn, ˈɔn, lɒg ]
to type a password in order to be allowed to use a computer, website, etc.
se connecter

Log in to learn more about our special deals.
Connectez-vous pour en savoir plus sur nos offres spéciales.
; see also login

log off/out

verb phrasallog off/out [ ˈlɔg ˈɔf, ˈɒf/ˈaʊt, ˈlɒg ]
to click a button on a computer screen in order to exit from a computer, website, etc.
se déconnecter

Please remember to log off when you finish.
Veuillez penser à vous déconnecter quand vous aurez terminé.

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noun /loɡ/

a thick piece of unshaped wood

rondin, bûche
The trees were sawn into logs and taken to the sawmill.

a logbook

journal de bord
The captain of the ship entered the details in the log.
logbook noun

an official record of the journey of a ship or aeroplane

livre de bord; carnet de vol
All the details of the flight were entered in the logbook.

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