Übersetzung von “long” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivelong /lɔŋ, lɒŋ/
≠short; of great length from one end to the other

the long highway stretching ahead of them
la longue autoroute s'étirant au devant d'eux

This rope is longer than that one.
Cette corde-ci est plus longue que celle-là.

a long line outside the movie theater
une longue file d'attente à l'extérieur du cinéma
≠short; requiring or lasting a great amount of time

a very long book
un livre très long

It's been a long day.
Ça a été une longue journée.
a long time

She hasn't visited us in a long time.
Ça fait longtemps qu'elle ne nous a pas rendu visite.
indicates an amount of time or a length

The alligator was 11 feet long.
L'aligator mesurait 3,30 mètres de long.
How long?
Combien de temps ? , Quelle longueur ?

"How long will you be gone?" "Two days."
"Combien de temps seras-tu parti ?" "Deux jours."

How long is the boat?
Quelle longueur fait le bateau ?
(of a piece of clothing) covering as much as possible

a long dress
une robe longue

a long-sleeved T-shirt
un T-shirt à manches longues
have a long way to go
to need to do a lot more before sth is achieved
avoir beaucoup de chemin à parcourir

We're making progress, but we still have a long way to go.
Nous progressons mais nous avons encore beaucoup de chemin à parcourir.
have come a long way
to have accomplished a lot since starting
avoir fait du chemin

You've come a long way since your performance in the high school play.
Tu as fait du chemin depuis ton interprétation dans la pièce du lycée.
in the long run/term
in the future
à long terme

Using this method will cost us less in the long run.
Utiliser cette méthode nous coûtera moins cher à long terme.
a long shot
sth that is not likely to be successful
un coup d'épée dans l'eau

Applying for the job was a long shot, but I had to try.
Postuler à cet emploi était un coup d'épée dans l'eau mais je devais essayer.
to make/cut a long story short
indicates you will explain sth briefly
pour faire court

To make a long story short, he never found his wallet.
Pour faire court, il n'a jamais trouvé son portefeuille.


adverblong /lɔŋ, lɒŋ/
for a long time

Did the pain last long?
Est-ce que la douleur a duré longtemps ?

It takes longer to do it yourself.
Ça prend plus de temps de le faire soi-même.
for long
used in questions

Did the pain last for long?
Est-ce que la douleur a duré longtemps ?
for so long
emphasizes a time was long
si longtemps

You were gone for so long!
Tu etais parti si longtemps.
a long time before or after

long before/after he was born
longtemps avant qu'il soit / après qu'il est né

It happened long ago.
C'est arrivé il y a longtemps.
emphasizes sth happens for a whole period of time
durant tout/toute

The noise went on all day/night long.
Le bruit a continué durant tout le jour / toute la nuit.
as/so long as
indicates the conditions necessary for sth to happen
du moment que

I'll tell you as long as you promise not to tell Mom.
Je te le dirai du moment que tu promets de ne pas le dire à Maman.
no longer/not any longer
indicates sth does not happen or is not true any more

They were no longer sending us money.
Ils ne nous envoyaient plus d'argent.

The operation can't wait any longer.
L'opération ne peut plus atendre.


verb intransitivelong /lɔŋ, lɒŋ/ liter
to want sth to happen very much
avoir très envie de

He longed to see his family.
Il avait très envie de voir sa famille.

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adjective /loŋ/

measuring a great distance from one end to the other

a long journey
a long road
She has long legs.

having a great period of time from the first moment to the last

The book took a long time to read
a long conversation
a long delay.

measuring a certain amount in distance or time

de long, durant
The wire is two centimetres long
The television programme was just over an hour long.

away, doing or using something etc for a great period of time

pour longtemps
Will you be long?

reaching to a great distance in space or time

She has a long memory
longways adverb

in the direction of the length

en long(ueur)
The planks had to go into the lorry longways.
long-distance adjective

de fond
long-distance races
a long-distance lorry-driver
a long-distance telephone call.
long-drawn-out adjective

taking a needlessly long time

long-drawn-out discussions.
longhand noun

ordinary writing as opposed to shorthand.

écriture non abrégée
long house

in tribal societies, a long rectangular dwelling shared by several families, especially in south-east Asia and amongst North American Indians.

grande maison
long jump

a sports contest in which people jump as far as possible.

saut en longueur
long-playing record (usually abbreviated to LP)

a record which plays for a long time.

long-range adjective

able to reach a great distance

à longue portée
long-range rockets.

taking into consideration a long period of time

à long terme
a long-range weather forecast.
long-sighted adjective

having difficulty in seeing close objects clearly.

hypermétrope; presbyte
long-sightedness noun

hypermétropie; presbytie
long-suffering adjective

patiently enduring a great deal of trouble.

d’une patience à toute épreuve
I don’t know how his long-suffering wife puts up with him.
long-winded adjective

(of a speaker or his speech) tiresomely long

He delivered a long-winded speech about the economy.
as long as / so long as

provided only that

tant que
As/So long as you’re happy, it doesn’t matter what you do.

while; during the time that

aussi longtemps que
As long as he’s here, I’ll have someone to help me run the business.
before (very) long


avant longtemps
Come in and wait – he’ll be here before long!
in the long run

in the end

en fin de compte
We thought we would save money, but in the long run our spending was about the same as usual.
the long and the short of it

the whole story in a few words

le fin mot de l’histoire
The long and the short of it is that the goods will be delivered tomorrow.
no longer

not now as in the past

(ne) plus
She no longer works here.
This cinema is no longer used.
so long!





for a great period of time

Have you been waiting long?


verb /loŋ/

(often with for) to wish very much

avoir très envie de qqch.
He longed to go home
I am longing for a drink.
longing noun

a great desire or wish for something

She looked at the cakes with longing.
longingly adverb

avec envie
He looked longingly at the chocolate.

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