Die Übersetzung von "look" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /luk/

to turn the eyes in a certain direction so as to see, to find, to express etc

He looked out of the window
I’ve looked everywhere, but I can’t find him
He looked at me (angrily).

to seem

sembler, paraître
It looks as if it’s going to rain
She looks sad.

to face

donner sur
look-alike noun

a person who looks (exactly) like someone else; a double

the prince’s look-alike.

having a certain appearance

à l’air (…)
looks noun plural

(attractive) appearance

She lost her looks as she grew older
good looks.
looker-on noun

a person who is watching something happening; an onlooker.

looking-glass noun

a mirror.

lookout noun

a careful watch

(de) guet
a sharp lookout
(also adjective) a lookout post.

a place from which such a watch can be kept.

poste de guet

a person who has been given the job of watching

There was a shout from the lookout.

concern, responsibility

problème, affaire
If he catches you leaving early, that’s your lookout!
by the look(s) of

judging from the appearance of (someone or something) it seems likely or probable

à le/la voir, de toute apparence
By the looks of him, he won’t live much longer
It’s going to rain by the look of it.
look after

to attend to or take care of

avoir soin (de)
She gave up her job to look after the children.
look ahead

to consider what will happen in the future

penser à l’avenir
Let’s have a look ahead to tomorrow’s tennis final.
look down one’s nose at

to regard with contempt

regarder de haut
She looks down her nose at poor people.
look down on

to regard as inferior

She looks down on her husband’s relations.
look for

to search for

I’ve been looking for that book everywhere.
look forward to

to wait with pleasure for

attendre avec impatience
I am looking forward to seeing you / to the holidays.
look here!

give your attention to this

écoutez! dites donc!
Look here! Isn’t that what you wanted?
Look here, Mary, you’re being unfair!
look in on

to visit briefly

passer voir
I decided to look in on Paul and Carol on my way home.
look into

to inspect or investigate closely

The manager will look into your complaint.
look on

to watch something

être spectateur/-trice
No, I don’t want to play – I’d rather look on.

(with as) to think of or consider

I have lived with my aunt since I was a baby, and I look on her as my mother.
look out

(usually with for) to watch

She was looking out for him from the window.

to find by searching

chercher (et trouver)
I’ve looked out these books for you.
look out!

beware! take care!

Look out! There’s a car coming!
look over

to examine

We have been looking over the new house.
look through

to look at or study briefly

I’ve looked through your report.
look up

to improve

Things have been looking up lately.

to pay a visit to

aller voir
I looked up several old friends.

to search for in a book of reference

You should look the word up (in a dictionary).
look up to

to respect the conduct, opinions etc of

avoir du respect pour qqn
He has always looked up to his father.

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