Übersetzung von “lord” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounlord /lɔrd/
singular used by Christians to talk about God or Jesus Christ
seigneur masculine

Praise the Lord.
Louez le Seigneur.
a man of high rank in the British social system
lord masculine

Lord Bingham
Lord Bingham
Oh/Good Lord!
spoken indicates frustration or surprise
Oh ! Mon Dieu !

Oh Lord, not you again!
Oh ! Mon Dieu ! Pas encore toi !

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noun /loːd/

a master; a man or animal that has power over others or over an area

The lion is lord of the jungle.

(with capital when used in titles ) in the United Kingdom etc a nobleman or man of rank.


(with capital) in the United Kingdom, used as part of several official titles

the Lord Mayor.
lordly adjective

grand or proud

noble, arrogant
a lordly attitude.
lordliness noun
Lordship noun

(with His, Youretc) a word used in speaking to, or about, a man with the title ‘Lord’ and also certain judges who do not have this title

Monsieur le (…); Excellence
Thank you, Your Lordship.
the Lord

God; Christ.

le Seigneur
Praise the Lord!
lord it over

to act like a lord or master towards

traiter avec arrogance
Don’t think you can lord it over us.

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