Übersetzung von “lottery” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounlottery /ˈlɒtəri/ ( plural lotteries )
countable a method of raising money in which people buy a ticket and try to guess a set of winning numbers

the Massachusetts state lottery
la loterie d'état du Massachusetts
countable a system of choosing who will get to do or have sth by selecting from a number of people who have applied
loterie feminine

The city has a lottery system for choosing schools.
La ville a un système de loterie pour choisir les écoles.
singular a situation controlled only by chance
loterie feminine

It's always a lottery whether you'll get a seat at the bar.
C'est toujours une loterie pour savoir si vous aurez une place au bar.

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noun /ˈlotəri/ (plural lotteries)

the sharing out of money or prizes won by chance, through drawing lots

Have you ever won anything on the lottery?
They held a public lottery in aid of charity.

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