Übersetzung von “loud” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectiveloud /laʊd/
≠quiet; making a high level of noise
fort/forte , sonore

a loud bang
une forte détonation

Turn the TV down - it's too loud.
Baisse la télé, c'est trop fort.
in extremely and unpleasantly bright colors

fans wearing loud orange jackets
des supporters portant des vestes d'un orange criard
(of a person) talking too much

My family can be very loud.
Ma famille peut être très exubérante.


adverbloudly /ˈlaʊdli/
bruyamment , de manière exubérante

music blaring loudly from the car
musique retentissant bruyamment émise par la voiture

loudly dressed party-goers
des fêtards habillés de manière exubérante

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adjective /laud/

making a great sound; not quiet

a loud voice
loud music.

showy; too bright and harsh

criard, voyant
loud colours
a loud shirt.
loudly adverb

bruyamment, fort
loudness noun

grand bruit
loud-hailer noun

a simple type of loudspeaker

The police used a loud-hailer to tell the crowd to get back.
loudspeaker noun

an instrument for increasing the loudness of sounds so that they can be heard further away

The politician addressed the crowds from his car through a loudspeaker.

a speaker in a radio, record-player etc.

haut-parleur, enceinte acoustique

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