Die Übersetzung von "love" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


noun /lav/

a feeling of great fondness or enthusiasm for a person or thing

She has a great love of music
Her love for her children was clear for all to see.

strong attachment with sexual attraction

They are in love with one another.

a person or thing that is thought of with (great) fondness (used also as a term of affection)

passion; chéri/-ie
Ballet is the love of her life
Goodbye, love!

a score of nothing in tennis

(à) zéro
The present score is fifteen love (written 15–0).
lovable adjective

(negative unlovable) easy to love or like; attractive

a lovable child.
lovely adjective

(negative unlovely) beautiful; attractive

She is a lovely girl
She looked lovely in that dress.


What a lovely surprise!
a lovely meal.
loveliness noun

lover noun

a person who enjoys or admires or has a special affection for something

amateur/-eure; amoureux/-euse
an art lover
an animal lover.

a person who is having a love affair with another

amant, maîtresse
The two lovers embraced each other passionately.
loving adjective

lovingly adverb

avec amour
love affair

a (temporary and often sexual) relationship between two people who are in love but not married

liaison (amoureuse)
She has had many love affairs.
love letter noun

a letter expressing love

lettre d’amour
Emma kept all of Charles’ love letters.
lovesick adjective

sad because of being in love

qui se languit d’amour
a lovesick youth
lovesick glances.
fall in love (with)

to develop feelings of love and sexual attraction (for)

tomber amoureux de
He fell in love with her straightaway.
for love or money

in any way at all

pour rien au monde
We couldn’t get a taxi for love or money.
make love

to have sexual intercourse.

faire l’amour
there’s no love lost between them

they dislike one another

ils ne peuvent pas se sentir
There’s no love lost between the two brothers – they can’t stand each other.

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