Übersetzung von “low” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivelow /loʊ/
≠high; smaller in amount, size, or degree than usual
bas/basse , faible

low house prices
des prix bas de l'immobilier

His confidence was low.
Sa confiance en lui était faible.

as pollution levels got/became lower
lorsque les nieaux de pollution ont faibli
low in
having small levels, numbers, etc. of sth
à faible teneur en

food that is low in calories
des aliments à faible teneur en calories
(of a supply) not large enough

Food supplies were low.
Les stocks de nourriture étaient restreints.
run low
to become low

We're running low on gas.
Nous allons manquer de gaz.
≠high, tall; small when measured from the bottom to the top

a low fence/building/mountain
une barrière basse / un immeuble bas / une montagne basse
≠high; not far above the ground

The ceilings in the house were low.
Les plafonds de la maison étaient bas.
≠high; at or near the bottom of a range

a low growling sound
un grondement sourd

temperatures in the low 80s
des températures un peu en-dessous des 26 degrés
≠high; less important than others

the lower ranks in the military
les grades inférieurs dans l'armée
≠high; showing little or no approval

the critics' low opinion of the performance
la mauvaise opinion des critiques sur le spectacle


noun countablelow /loʊ/
≠high; the bottom or lowest level or number
minimum masculine

Today's low will be 30.
Le minimum aujourd'hui sera de 30.
record/all-time low
the lowest point ever
le plus bas

The company's stock is at an all-time low.
Le stock de l'entreprise est à son plus bas.
≠high; an area of low pressure that affects the weather
dépression feminine

a low moving through the region
une dépression évoluant à travers la région
≠high; a feeling of great sadness or depression
bas masculine

the highs and lows of competitive sports
les hauts et les bas des sports de compétition


adverblow /loʊ/
≠high; not far above the ground

a plane flying low over the mountains
un avion volant à basse altitude au-dessus des montagnes
to a point or amount that is smaller than usual
plus bas

as prices fell lower and lower
comme les prix tombaient de plus en plus bas
at or near the bottom of a range
au plus bas

male voices singing low
des voix masculines chantant au plus bas

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adjective /ləu/

not at or reaching up to a great distance from the ground, sea-level etc

low hills
a low ceiling
This chair is too low for the child.

making little sound; not loud

She spoke in a low voice.

at the bottom of the range of musical sounds

That note is too low for a female voice.


a low price.

not strong; weak or feeble

The fire was very low.

near the bottom in grade, rank, class etc

low temperatures
the lower classes.
lower verb

to make or become less high

She lowered her voice.

to let down

He lowered the blinds.
lowly adjective

of low rank; humble

He had a lowly position as a gas station assistant.
lowliness noun

low-down adjective

mean; contemptible

a low-down thief.
lowland adjective

of or concerning lowlands

lowland districts.
lowlander noun

a person who lives in the lowlands.

habitant/-ante de la plaine
lowlands noun plural

land which is low compared with other, higher land.

basses terres
low-lying adjective

(of land) at a height not much above sea-level

low-lying hills.
low-tech noun

technology using simple tools and unsophisticated equipment and methods.

low tide/water

the time when the sea is lowest at a particular place during ebb-tide

marée basse
At low tide there are rock pools to explore
There is three feet of water in the harbour, even at low water.
be low on

not to have enough of

être à court de
I’ll have to go to the supermarket – we’re low on coffee and sugar.


verb /ləu/

to make the noise of cattle; to moo

The cows were lowing.

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