Übersetzung von “luck” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun uncountableluck /lʌk/
a situation in which good things happen by chance
chance feminine , bonheur masculine

We haven't had much luck this year.
Nous n'avons pas eu beaucoup de chance cette année.

I want to wish you all luck in your travels.
Je veux te souhaiter tout le bonheur possible dans tes voyages.
for luck
to bring luck
comme porte-bonheur

He was wearing his favorite t-shirt for luck.
Il portait son t-shirt préféré comme porte-bonheur.
sb is in luck
indicates the thing sb wants will happen
qqn a de la chance

You're in luck - she's available right now.
Tu as de la chance, elle vient de se libérer.
sb is out of luck
indicates the thing sb wants will not happen
qqn n'a pas de chance

You're out of luck - we just sold the last one.
Tu n'as pas de chance, nous venons de vendre le dernier.
≠fortune; the power that makes good or bad things happen
bonheur masculine , malheur masculine

an action that brings good/bad luck
une action qui porte bonheur/malheur
as luck would have it
indicates sth good happened because of luck
par chance , par bonheur

As luck would have it, someone had picked up my wallet.
Par chance/bonheur, quelqu'un avait ramassé mon portefeuille.
whether good or bad things happen
chance feminine

I think your luck is changing.
Je pense que ta chance tourne.
just sb's luck
indicates you are disappointed but not surprised by some bad luck
come par hasard

Just my luck - I arrive just as everybody's leaving.
Comme par hasard, j'arrive juste quand tout le monde s'en va.
any luck?
used to ask if sb has found what they want
ça marche ?

Any luck finding a dress?
Ça marche, tu as trouvé une robe ?
good luck/best of luck
indicates you hope good things happen to sb
bonne chance

Good luck on/with your exams!
Bonne chance pour tes examens !
Better luck next time
used to encourage sb when they have not done well
Ça marchera mieux la prochaine fois.

Nice try! Better luck next time.
Bien essayé ! Ça marchera mieux la prochaine fois.
no such luck
indicates disappointment that sth you want did not happen
ç'aurait été trop beau

I tried to find the same coat as you, but no such luck.
J'ai essayé de trouver le même manteau que le tien mais ç'aurait été trop beau.

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noun /lak/

the state of happening by chance

chance, hasard
Whether you win or not is just luck – there’s no skill involved.

something good which happens by chance

She has all the luck!
luckless adjective


a luckless victim.
lucky adjective

having good luck

qui a de la chance
He was very lucky to escape alive.

bringing good luck

qui porte chance
a lucky number
a lucky charm.
luckily adverb

luckiness noun

lucky dip

a form of amusement at a fair etc in which prizes are drawn from a container without the taker seeing what he is getting.

pêche miraculeuse
bad luck!

an expression of sympathy for someone who has failed or been unlucky.

pas de chance!
good luck!

an expression of encouragement made to someone who is about to take part in a competition, sit an exam etc

bonne chance!
Good luck with your job interview!
She wished him good luck.
worse luck!

most unfortunately!

tant pis!
He’s allowing me to go, but he’s coming too, worse luck!

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