Übersetzung von “lump” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablelump /lʌmp/
a hard irregularly shaped piece
morceau masculine , motte feminine , grumeau masculine

a lump of coal/ice/clay
un morceau de charbon/glace / une motte de terre

too many lumps in the batter
trop de grumeaux dans la pâte
a swollen or hard spot under the skin
grosseur feminine

a lump in her breast
une grosseur dans son sein
a lump in your throat
the feeling in your throat when you might cry
une boule dans la gorge

I couldn't speak because of a huge lump in my throat.
Je ne pouvais pas parler parce que j'avais une grosse boule dans la gorge.


verb transitivelump /lʌmp/
to force two different ideas or things together

lawmakers who lump unpopular proposals with popular ones so that they will become law
des législateurs qui regroupent des propositions impopulaires avec des propositions populaires de manière à ce qu'elles deviennent la loi

You can't lump students of such different abilities together.
On ne peut pas regrouper des étudiants aux aptitudes aussi différentes.

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noun /lamp/

a small solid mass of no particular shape

The custard was full of lumps and no-one would eat it.

a swelling

She had a lump on her head where she had hit it.

a small cube-shaped mass of sugar

One lump or two?
lumpy adjective

containing lumps

lumpy custard.
lumpiness noun

consistance grumeleuse
lump sum

an amount of money given all at once, not in parts over a period of time

somme forfaitaire
When you retire, you can receive part of yuor pension as a lump sum.
if you don’t like it, you can lump it

whether you like the situation or not, you will have to endure it.

si ça ne vous plaît pas, tant pis!

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