Übersetzung von “many” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


determinermany /ˈmɛni/
a large number or amount of people or things
beaucoup de

Many boys underachieve at school.
Beaucoup de garçons n'obtiennent pas les résultats qu'on pourrait attendre d'eux à l'école.

Not many people know about this place.
Peu de gens connaissent cet endroit.
How many?
used to ask about a number
Combien ?

How many sisters do you have?
Combien as-tu de sœurs ?
as many as
autant que

There are as many as 300 million people who suffer from asthma.
Il n'y a pas moins de 300 millions de personnes qui souffrent d'asthme.


pronounmany /ˈmɛni/
a lot of people or things

Many of her fans stayed home.
Beaucoup de ses fans sont restés chez eux.

"I'd like some cookies, please" "Sure, how many?"
"Je voudrais quelques gâteaux, s'il-vous-plaît." "Bien sûr, combien ?"

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adjective /ˈmeni/ (comparative more /moː/, superlative most /moust/)

a great number of

Many languages are spoken in Africa
There weren’t very many people
You’ve made a great/good many mistakes.

having a great number of (something)

à beaucoup de, multi-
many a

a great number of

I’ve told him many a time to be more polite.
many means a great number (of): many cars ; Some are full, but many are empty. much means a great amount (of): much effort ; She doesn’t say much.

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