Übersetzung von “mark” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablemark /mɑrk/
a spot, stain, or sign of damage
tache feminine , marque feminine

a dirty mark on his face
une marque sale sur son visage

a burn mark on the table
une marque de brûlure sur la table

skid marks on the road
des marques de dérapage sur la route
a sign or indication
marque feminine , signe masculine

a mark of respect
une marque / un signe de respect

the mark of a champion
la marque d'un champion
a level reached
barre feminine

The money raised is just past the $1,000 mark.
L'argent collecté est juste au-dessus de la barre des 1 000.

runners reaching the halfway mark in the race
des coureurs atteignant la mi-course
the mark
the correct or true number or amount
la cible

His predictions were way off the mark/wide of the mark.
Ses prédictions étaient loin de la vérité.

You're right on the mark!
Tu as mis dans le mille.
on your mark(s)
spoken used to tell runners in a race to move to the start line
à vos marques

On your marks, get set, go!
A vos marques, prêts, partez !
leave your mark
to affect noticeably
laisser son empreinte

This tree-killing disease has left its mark on the landscape.
Cette maladie qui a décimé les arbres a laissé son empreinte sur le paysage.
Brit a grade on a piece of work
note feminine

She received high marks in her course.
Elle a obtenu des notes élevées à son stage.


verbmark /mɑrk/
transitive-intransitive to indicate what sth is by writing or drawing sth

healthy products marked with the healthy living symbol
des produits sains marqués du symbole d'une vie saine

Mark the products you'd like to order with an 'X'.
Marquer les produits que vous voulez commander d'une croix.
transitive to commemorate or celebrate an event
célébrer , commémorer

mourners marking the anniversary of the tsunami
des personnes endeuillées commémorant l'anniversaire du tsunami

They marked the publication of his first novel with a party.
Ils ont célébré la publication de son premier roman avec une réception.
transitive to make a mark on sth so that its appearance is spoiled

The heavy furniture marked the floor.
Les meubles lourds ont marqué le plancher.
transitive-intransitive Brit to grade a student's work

to mark exam papers
noter des copies d'examen

mark down

verb phrasalmark down [ ˈmɑrk ˈdaʊn ]
to make less expensive

All books have been marked down to $2.99.
Tous les livres étaient démarqués à 2,99$.

mark off/out

verb phrasalmark off/out [ ˈmɑrk ˈɔf, ˈɒf/ˈaʊt ]
to draw an outline of sth

He marked off where the flower beds would be.
Il a délimité les endroits où devaient se trouver les parterres de fleurs.

mark up

verb phrasalmark up [ ˈmɑrk ˈʌp ]
to make more expensive

phone companies marking up the cost of text messages
les compagnies de téléphone majorant le coût des textos

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noun /maːk/

(also Deutsche Mark, Deutschmark /ˈdoitʃmaːk/) the standard unit of German currency before the euro.


a point given as a reward for good work etc

She got good marks in the exam.

a stain

That spilt coffee has left a mark on the carpet.

a sign used as a guide to position etc

There’s a mark on the map showing where the church is.

a cross or other sign used instead of a signature

He couldn’t sign his name, so he made his mark instead.

an indication or sign of a particular thing

a mark of respect.
marked adjective

obvious or easily noticeable

There has been a marked improvement in her work.
markedly /-kid-/ adverb


It’s markedly easier to do it by this method.
marker noun

a person who marks eg the score at games.


something used for marking, eg in scoring, showing the position of something etc

marque, jalon
The area is indicated by large green markers.

a type of pen, usually with a thick point

marqueur indélébile
a felt marker
a permanent marker.
marksman /ˈmaːks-/ noun (plural marksmen)

a person who shoots well

tireur/-euse d’élite
The police marksman did not kill the criminal – he wounded him in the leg to prevent him escaping.
marksmanship noun

a person’s skill as a marksman.

adresse au tir
leave/make one’s mark

to make a permanent or strong impression

The horrors of the war have left their mark on the children.
mark out

to mark the boundary of (eg a football pitch) by making lines etc

The pitch was marked out with white lines.

to select or choose for some particular purpose etc in the future

He had been marked out for an army career from early childhood.
mark time

to move the feet up and down as if marching, but without going forward

marquer le pas
He’s only marking time in this job till he gets a better one.



to give marks to (a piece of work)

I have forty exam-papers to mark tonight.

to show; to be a sign of

X marks the spot where the treasure is buried.

to note

Mark it down in your notebook.

(in football etc) to keep close to (an opponent) so as to prevent his getting the ball

Your job is to mark the centre-forward.

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