Übersetzung von “master” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablemaster /ˈmæstər, ˈmɑstər/
a man who leads or controls other people or animals
maître masculine

When called the dog runs to his master.
Quand il l’appelle, le chien court vers son maître.
an expert or sb who is very skilled at sth

a master builder
un maître d'œuvre

He's a master of persuasion.
C'est un maître dans l'art de persuader.
an original of a document, photo, etc. used to make copies from
original masculine

the master copy


verb transitivemaster /ˈmæstər, ˈmɑs-/
to become skilled at

She finally mastered walking at the age of about 15 months.
Elle a finalement maîtrisé la marche à l'âge d'environ 15 mois.
to get control of, or overcome
se rendre maître de

Will humans ever master their environment?
Les humains se rendront-ils jamais maîtres de leur environnement ?

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noun /ˈmaːstə/ (feminine mistress /ˈmistris/)

a person or thing that commands or controls

I’m master in this house!

an owner (of a slave, dog etc)

The dog ran to its master.

a male teacher

the Maths master.

the commander of a merchant ship

the ship’s master.

a person very skilled in an art, science etc

He’s a real master at painting.

(with capital) a polite title for a boy, in writing or in speaking

Master John Wallace.
masterful adjective

showing the power, authority or determination of a master

a masterful performance by the world’s No. 1 tennis player.
masterfully adverb

de manière dominatrice
masterfulness noun

caractère dominateur
masterly adjective

showing the skill of a master

His handling of the situation was masterly.
masterliness noun

caractère magistral
mastery noun

(usually with overor of) control, great skill or knowledge

maîtrise (de)
They eventually gained mastery over the enemy.
master key

a key which opens a number of locks.

mastermind noun

the person planning and controlling an undertaking or scheme

He was the mastermind behind the scheme.
masterpiece noun

a piece of work or art worthy (to be called the greatest achievement) of a master

He considers this picture his masterpiece.
master stroke

a very clever thing to do

coup de maître
This sudden, unexpected attack was a master stroke.
master switch

a switch for controlling a number of other switches

commutateur principal
There is a master switch that controls the electricity throughout the entire buidling.
master of ceremonies abbreviation (MC)

a person who announces the various stages of an entertainment, formal social gathering, series of speakers at a dinner etc

maître, maîtresse des cérémonies
The master of ceremonies introduced the speaker.



to become skilful in

I don’t think I’ll ever master arithmetic.

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