Übersetzung von “material” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounmaterial /məˈtɪəriəl/
countable-uncountable cloth or fabric
tissu masculine , étoffe feminine

I need 3m of material for the cushion covers.
J'ai besoin de 3 m de tissu pour les housses de coussins.

a light/heavy material
une étoffe légère/lourde
countable-uncountable a substance or matter used in making sth
matériau masculine , matière feminine

building materials
matériaux de construction

a useful adhesive material
une matière adhésive utile
uncountable information, facts, or ideas
matière feminine

I'm collecting material for my new novel.
Je rassemble de la matière pour mon nouveau roman.
countable-uncountable notes or documents containing information
documentation feminine

advertising material
documentation publicitaire


adjectivematerial /məˈtɪəriəl/
relating to money and property, not your spiritual existence

It's not the material things that make you a happy person.
Ce ne sont pas les choses matérielles qui font de vous une personne heureuse.
in law, important and relevant

information that is material to the court case
des informations pertinentes pour le procès

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noun /məˈtiəriəl/

anything out of which something is, or may be, made

Tables are usually made from solid material such as wood.


I’d like three metres of blue woollen material.
materially adverb

to a great or important extent

Circumstances have changed materially.
materialize verb ( materialise)

(of something expected or hoped for) to happen

se réaliser
I don’t think her plans will materialize.

to take solid or bodily form

se matérialiser
She claims that the ghost materialized in front of her.
materialization noun ( materialisation)




belonging to the world; not spiritual

He wanted material things like money, possessions and power.

essential or important

evidence that is material to his defence.

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