Übersetzung von “meet” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbmeet /mit/ ( pt pp met )
transitive-intransitive to get to know sb for the first time

We met at a party.
Nous nous sommes rencontrés à une soirée.
transitive-intransitive (of two or more people) to come together
se rencontrer , se retrouver

The choir meets once a week to practice.
La chorale se rencontre une fois par semaine pour travailler.

Meet me in the park at 2 o'clock.
Retrouve-moi au parc à 14 heures.

I'm meeting with my boss for my review next week.
On se rencontre la semaine prochaine avec mon patron pour faire le point sur ma situation.
transitive to come together with sb by chance
rencontrer , tomber sur

Guess who I met at the mall this morning.
Devine qui j'ai rencontré / sur qui je suis tombé ce matin au centre commercial.
transitive to reach or achieve a goal

The government claims to have met their employment targets.
Le gouvernement déclare avoir atteint ses objectifs en termes d'emploi.
intransitive =converge; (of lines, roads, etc.) to come together
se rejoindre

The two roads meet on the mountain ridge.
Les deux routes se rejoignent sur la crête de la montagne.
transitive ( meet with ) to experience

The organizers met with a few difficulties.
Les organisateurs ont rencontré quelques difficultés.

meet up

verb phrasalmeet up [ ˈmit ˈʌp ]
(of two or more people) to come together
se retrouver

Alison and I meet up for coffee whenever we have time.
Alison et moi, nous nous retrouvons pour un café à chaque fois que nous en avons le temps.

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verb /miːt/ (past tense, past participle met /met/)

to come face to face with (eg a person whom one knows), by chance

(se) rencontrer
She met a man on the train.

(sometimes, especially American, with with) to come together with (a person etc), by arrangement

se rejoindre
The committee meets every Monday.

to be introduced to (someone) for the first time

faire la connaissance de
Come and meet my wife.

to join

se rencontrer
Where do the two roads meet?

to be equal to or satisfy (eg a person’s needs, requirements etc)

satisfaire à
Will there be sufficient stocks to meet the public demand?

to come into the view, experience or presence of

A terrible sight met him / his eyes when he opened the door.

to come to or be faced with

faire face à
He met his death in a car accident.

(with with) to experience or suffer; to receive a particular response

avoir, recevoir
She met with an accident
The scheme met with their approval.

to answer or oppose

répondre à
We will meet force with greater force.
meeting noun

an act of meeting

The meeting between my mother and my husband was not friendly.

a gathering of people for discussion or another purpose

I have to attend a committee meeting.
meet (someone) halfway

to respond to (someone) by making an equal effort or a compromise

faire la moitié du chemin
I’ll invest $5,000 in this venture if you meet me halfway and do the same.

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