Übersetzung von “memory” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounmemory /ˈmɛməri/ ( plural memories )
countable sth you remember
souvenir masculine

fond/bad memories
souvenir agréable / mauvais souvenir

I have very few memories of my childhood.
J'ai très peu de souvenirs de mon enfance.
the ability to remember things
mémoire feminine

She has a very good/bad memory.
Elle a une très bonne/mauvaise mémoire.
from memory
having used your memory to learn
de mémoire

He sketched the map from memory.
Il esquissa le plan de mémoire.
countable-uncountable the part of a computer where information is stored
mémoire feminine

128 MB of memory
128 Mo de mémoire

a memory chip
une puce mémoire
in memory of
in order to remember and as a sign of respect for
en souvenir de , à la mémoire de

a service in memory of all those who died
un service en souvenir de tous ceux qui sont morts

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noun /ˈmeməri/ (plural memories)

the power to remember things

a good memory for details.

the mind’s store of remembered things

Her memory is full of interesting stories.

something remembered

memories of her childhood.

the time as far back as can be remembered

de mémoire d’homme
the coldest winter in memory.

a part of computer in which information is stored for immediate use; a computer with 8 megabytes of memory

memorize verb ( memorise)

to learn (something) so well that one can remember all of it without looking

She memorized the directions.
from memory

by remembering; without using a book etc for reference

de mémoire
He recited the whole poem from memory.
in memory of / to the memory of

as a reminder or memorial of

à la mémoire de
They built a monument in memory of their dead leader.

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