Übersetzung von “mess” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounmess /mɛs/
countable-uncountable the state of being dirty or not neat
désordre masculine , pagaille feminine

I can't live in this mess.
Je ne peux pas vivre dans cette pagaille.

His room is always such a mess.
Sa chambre est toujours dans un tel désordre.

Please try not to make a mess.
S'il-te-plaît, essaie de ne pas mettre la pagaille.
singular a situation in which there are serious problems
désastre masculine

He got us into a real financial mess.
Il nous a plongés dans un réel désastre financier.
be a mess
to be unable to control your emotions
être déboussolé/-ée

After he died, I was a mess.
Après sa mort, j'étais déboussolée.


verbmess /mɛs/
intransitive Brit ( mess about ) to behave in a foolish, immature way
faire l'imbécile

mess around

verb phrasal mess around [ ˈmɛs əˈraʊnd ]
to spend time doing very little

We spent the afternoon messing around on the beach.
Nous avons passé l'après-midi à lambiner sur la plage.
to behave in a foolish, immature way
faire l'imbécile

Boys, stop messing around.
Les garçons, cessez de faire les imbéciles.
Brit informal to treat badly
faire tourner en bourrique

She really messed him around.
Elle l'a vraiment fait tourner en bourrique.

mess up

verb phrasal mess up [ ˈmɛs ˈʌp ]
to spoil sth or do sth badly
mettre la pagaille , gâcher

You always mess everything up!
Tu mets toujoujours la pagaille dans tout !

I forgot her birthday - I really messed up, didn't I?
J'ai oublié son anniversaire, j'ai vraiment tout gâché, non ?
to ruin or make sth stop being neat

Mom, Ben messed up the puzzle I was doing.
Maman, Ben a sali le puzzle que j'étais en train de faire.

mess (around) with

verb phrasal mess (around) with [ ˈmɛs (əˈraʊnd) ˌwɪθ, ˈwɪð ]
to cause to become angry

She's not the kind of person you want to mess with.
Ce n'est le genre de personne avec qui tu veux te fâcher.
to do sth dangerous
jouer avec

You should never mess around with matches.
Tu ne devrais jamais jouer avec des allumettes.

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noun /mes/

a state of disorder or confusion; an untidy, dirty or unpleasant sight or muddle

désordre, gâchis
This room is in a terrible mess!
She looked a mess
The spilt food made a mess on the carpet.
messy adjective


a messy job.
messily adverb

avec désordre
messiness noun

mess-up noun

a muddle or state of confusion

There has been a mess-up in the timetable.
make a mess of

to make dirty, untidy or confused

salir, gâcher
The heavy storm has made a real mess of the garden.

to do badly

He made a mess of his essay.

to spoil or ruin (eg one’s life)

He made a mess of his life by drinking too much.
mess about/around

to behave in a foolish or annoying way

chahuter, embêter
The children were shouting and messing about.

to work with no particular plan in a situation that involves mess

I love messing about in the kitchen.

(with with) to meddle or interfere with

Who’s been messing about with my papers?

to upset or put into a state of disorder or confusion

The wind messed her hair about.
mess up

to spoil; to make a mess of

gâcher, mettre en désordre
Don’t mess the room up!

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