Übersetzung von “might” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb modalmight /maɪt/
indicates what is possible

I might have another dollar in here.
J'ai peut-être un autre dollar ici.

He might have seen her at school.
Il se pourrait qu'il l'ait vue à l'école.
might just
indicates sth is difficult but possible
pourrais/-ait/-ions/-iez/-aient peut-être

We might just get there on time if we hurry.
Nous pourrions peut-être y arriver à temps si nous nous dépêchons.
might have done
used to imagine a possible situation that did not happen
aurais/-ait/-ions/-iez/-aient pu faire

If we'd had another player, we might have won.
Si nous avions eu un autre joueur, nous aurions pu gagner.
might well/easily
emphasizes that sth is likely
pourrais/-ait/-ions/-iez/-aient bien

I might very well be looking for a job in six months.
Je pourrais bien chercher un emploi dans six mois.
used to politely make a suggestion
devrais/-ait/-ions/-iez/-aient peut-être

You might want to tell him that it's time to go.
Tu devrais peut-être lui dire qu'il est temps de partir.
Brit indicates you are annoyed
aurais/-ait/-ions/-iez/-aient pu

You might have warned us!
Tu aurais pu nous avertir.
might (just) as well
indicates a situation will not change no matter what you do
pourrais/-ait/-ions/-iez/-aient tout aussi bien

We might as well go home - there's not going to be a game.
Nous pourrions tout aussi bien rentrer à la maison, il ne va pas y avoir de match.

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/mait/ (negative short form mightn’t /ˈmaitnt/)

past tense of may

se pouvoir que
I thought I might find you here
He might come if you offered him a meal.

used instead of ‘may’, eg to make a possibility seem less likely, or a request for permission more polite

se pouvoir que; permettez que…
He might win if he tries hard
Might I speak to you for a few minutes, please?

used in suggesting that a person is not doing what he should

pouvoir au moins
You might help me clean the car!
might as well

used to suggest that there is no good reason for not doing something

faire aussi bien de
I might as well do it all at once.
might have

used to suggest that something would have been possible if something else had been the case

il aurait été possible que… si
You might have caught the bus if you had run.

used to suggest that a person has not done what he should

aurais dû au moins
You might have told me!

used to show that something was a possible action etc but was in fact not carried out or done

il aurait été possible que… mais
I might have gone, but I decided not to.

used when a person does not want to admit to having done something

c’est possible
‘Have you seen this man?’ ‘I might have.’
I etc might have known

(often used in annoyance) I etc ought to have known, thought, guessed etc that something was or would be the case

j’aurais dû me douter
I might have known you would lose the key!


noun /mait/

power or strength

force, puissance
The might of the opposing army was too great for us.
mighty adjective

having great power

the mighty Columbia River
a mighty nation.
mightily adverb

mightiness noun


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