Übersetzung von “mill” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablemill /mɪl/
a factory making a particular product
usine feminine

a steel/textile/sugar mill
une usine métallurgique/textile/sucrière
a building where grain is ground to make flour
moulin masculine

a mill by the river
un moulin près de la rivière


verb phrasalmill: mill around [ mɪl ]
(of many people) to be moving around an area

Fans were milling around outside the stadium.
Les supporters grouillaient à l'extérieur du stade.

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noun /mil/

a machine, sometimes now electrical, for grinding coffee, pepper etc by crushing it between rough, hard surfaces

a coffee mill
a pepper mill.

a building where grain is ground

The farmer took his corn to the mill.

a building where certain types of things are manufactured

a steel mill.
miller noun

a person who works a grain mill.

millstone noun

one of the two large, heavy stones used in an old-fashioned mill for grinding grain.


(usually with round one’s/the neck) something that is a heavy burden or responsibility, and prevents easy progress

He regarded his brother as a millstone round his neck.
millwheel noun

a wheel that provides power to a mill as it turns.

roue de moulin



(usually with aboutor around) (of crowds) to move about in a disorganized way

grouiller autour
There’s a huge crowd of people milling around outside.

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