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nounmind /maɪnd/
countable-uncountable the part of you that has thoughts and knows or remembers things
esprit masculine

the thoughts that were running through his mind
les pensées qui tournoyaient dans son esprit

There was no doubt in my mind that he was telling the truth.
Il n'y avait aucun doute dans mon esprit qu'elle disait la vérité.
on sb's mind
indicates sb is thinking about sth
à l'esprit

I've had a lot on my mind recently.
J'ai eu beaucoup de choses à l'esprit récemment.
sb's mind is on sth
indicates what sb is paying attention to
qqn pense à qqch

Sorry, my mind was on other things.
Désolé, je pensais à d'autres choses.

Keep your mind on your driving.
Pense à ta conduite.
state of mind
the way sb's mind is thinking or the mood sb is in
état masculine d'esprit

in a calm/irrational/confused etc. state of mind
dans un état d'esprit calme/rationnel/confus
sb's mind goes blank
sb is unable to remember or think of sth
qqn a un trou

I sat down to start writing and my mind went completely blank.
Je me suis assis pour commencer à écrire et j'ai vraiment eu un trou.
countable sb's ability to think
esprit notPredefined

a person with a brilliant/creative/evil etc. mind
une personne à l'esprit brillant/créatif/maléfique
countable sb who is very intelligent
esprit masculine

one of the greatest minds of our generation
l'un des grands esprits de notre génération
change your mind
to alter a decision or the way you think
changer d'avis

I was going to buy the red one, but I changed my mind.
J'allais acheter le rouge mais j'ai changé d'avis.
sth crosses sb's mind
indicates sb quickly thinks sth
qqch traverse l'esprit de qqn

It crossed my mind that she was hoping I would fail.
Cela m'a traversé l'esprit qu'elle espérait que j'échouerais.
give sb a piece of your mind
to criticize sb angrily
dire sa façon de penser à qqn

I'll give her a piece of my mind if she tries that again.
Je vais lui dire ma façon de penser si elle essaie cela à nouveau.
have a mind of your own
to be an independent thinker
avoir sa façon de penser

a young man with a mind of his own
un jeune homme qui a sa façon de penser
have sb/sth in mind
to know exactly who or what you think is best
avoir qqn/qqch en tête

This is not the kind of music we had in mind.
Ce n'est pas le genre de musique que nous avions en tête.
in/at the back of sb's mind
in your mind but not often thought about
au fond de soi-même

In the back of my mind, I knew I'd have to talk to her about it.
Au fond de moi-même, je savais que je devrais lui parler de cela.
keep/bear sth in mind
to think about or remember
garder à l'esprit

I'm here to help - keep that in mind if you have any problems.
Je suis ici pour vous aider, gardez cela à l'esprit si vous avez des problèmes.
make up your mind
to make a choice or decision
se décider

I can't make up my mind - I like them both.
Je n'arrive pas à me décider, les deux me plaisent.
an open mind
willing to think about other opinions or possibilities
un esprit ouvert

Try to keep an open mind as you make your decision.
Essayez de garder l'esprit ouvert tandis que vous prenez votre décision.
slip sb's mind
indicates sb forgot sth
sortir de l'esprit de qqn

Sorry, it completely slipped my mind.
Désolé, ça m'est complétement sorti de l'esprit.


verbmind /maɪnd/
transitive-intransitive to feel angry or unhappy about sth
ennuyer , déranger

She went to the party without me, but I don't mind.
Elle est allée à la réception sans moi mais ça ne me dérange pas.

Do you mind being the last one?
Est-ce que cela t'ennuie d'être le dernier ?

Dad won't mind if we borrow the car.
Cela ne dérangera pas papa si nous empruntons la voiture.
transitive Brit to be careful of sth
faire attention à

Mind the hole in the road.
Fais attention au trou dans la route.
transitive Brit to take care of sth for a while
s'occuper de

a friend minding the baby
un ami s'occupant du bébé
Do you mind if ...?
spoken used to ask politely to do or have sth
Est-ce que cela t'/vous ennuie/dérange si ... ?

Do you mind if I look at your newspaper?
Est-ce que cela vous ennuie si je jette un coup d'œil à votre journal ?
I wouldn't mind
spoken used to say politely that you would like sth
je prendrais bien

I wouldn't mind a little something to eat.
Je prendrais bien un petit quelque chose à manger.
mind your own business
used to say that sb should not involve themselves in other's private matters
occupe-toi/occupez-vous de ce qui te/vous regarde , mêle-toi/mêlez-vous de tes/vos affaires

I wish people would just mind their own business.
J'aimerais que les gens s'occupent de ce qui les regarde.
would you mind ...?
used to ask for sth politely
cela vous ennuierait/dérangerait-il... ?

Would you mind helping me with this?
Cela vous ennuierait/dérangerait-il de me donner un coup de main pour ceci ?
; see also never

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the power by which one thinks etc; the intelligence or understanding

esprit, intelligence
She has a very inquiring mind.
-minded (also narrow-minded, *like-minded)

qui est… d’esprit
mindful adjective (with of)

(formal) aware (of); paying attention (to)

être attentif à qqch
You have to be mindful of everybody’s needs
Mindful of the dangers, he proceeded with caution.
mindless adjective

stupid and senseless

mindless violence.
mindlessly adverb

mindlessness noun

mindreader noun

a person who claims to know other people’s thoughts.

liseur/-euse de pensées
be out of one’s mind

to be mad

avoir perdu la raison
He must be out of his mind!
do you mind!

used to show annoyance, stop someone doing something etc

dis/dites donc!
Do you mind! That’s my foot you’re standing on!
have a good mind to

to feel very much inclined to (do something)

avoir bien envie de
I’ve a good mind to tell your father what a naughty girl you are!
have (half) a mind to

to feel (slightly) inclined to (do something)

avoir presque envie de
I’ve half a mind to take my holidays in winter this year.
in one’s mind’s eye

in one’s imagination

en imagination
He could picture the kind of house she lived in in his mind’s eye.
in one’s right mind


sain d’esprit
No-one in his right mind would behave like that.
keep one’s mind on

to give all one’s attention to

se concentrer sur
Keep your mind on what you’re doing!
know one’s own mind

(usually in negative ) to know what one really thinks, wants to do etc

savoir ce que l’on veut
She doesn’t know her own mind yet about abortion.
make up one’s mind

to decide

se décider (à)
They’ve made up their minds to stay in Africa.
mind one’s own business

to attend to one’s own affairs, not interfering in other people’s

s’occuper de ses affaires
Go away and mind your own business!
never mind

don’t bother; it’s all right

ça ne fait rien
Never mind, I’ll do it myself.
on one’s mind

making one anxious, worried etc

sur la conscience
She has a lot on her mind.
put (someone) in mind of

to remind (someone) of

This place puts me in mind of a painting I once saw.
speak one’s mind

to say frankly what one means or thinks

dire sa pensée
You must allow me to speak my mind.
take/keep one’s mind off

to turn one’s attention from; to prevent one from thinking about

se changer les idées
A good holiday will take your mind off your troubles.
to my mind

in my opinion

à mon avis
To my mind, you’re better off working here than in most other places.



to be upset by; to object to

être dérangé, se refuser (à)
You must try not to mind when he criticizes your work.

to be careful of

prendre garde (à)
Mind (= be careful not to trip over) the step!

to pay attention to or obey

prêter attention (à)
You should mind your parents’ words/advice.

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