Übersetzung von “mine” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


pronounmine /maɪn/
belonging or relating to the person speaking
le mien masculine , la mienne feminine , les miens masculine plural , les miennes feminine plural

Is that your hat or mine?
Est-ce que c'est ton chapeau ou le mien ?

A friend of mine told me about it.
L'un de mes amis m'en a parlé.


noun countablemine /maɪn/
a place where minerals are dug from the ground
mine feminine

a copper/tin/coal etc. mine
une mine de cuivre / d'étain / de charbon etc.
a hidden explosive device that explodes when sth touches it
mine feminine

land mines
des mines terrestres


verbmine /maɪn/
transitive-intransitive to take minerals out of the ground

a mountainous area where coal is mined
une région montagneuse d'où on extrait le charbon
transitive to put explosive mines in an area

to mine the harbor
miner le port

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pronoun /main/

something which belongs to me

mien, mienne, les miens, les miennes
Are these pencils yours or mine? He is a friend of mine (= one of my friends).
mine: This pencil isn’t yours — it’s mine (not my one).


noun /main/

a place (usually underground) from which metals, coal, salt etc are dug

a coalmine
My father worked in the mines.

a type of bomb used underwater or placed just beneath the surface of the ground

The ship has been blown up by a mine.
miner noun

a person who works in a mine, in Britain usually a coalminer.

mining noun

exploitation minière
minefield noun

an area of ground or water which is full of explosive mines.

champ de mines



to place explosive mines in

They’ve mined the mouth of the river.

to blow up with mines

His ship was mined.

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