Übersetzung von “mix” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbmix /mɪks/
transitive-intransitive to combine substances together by stirring

Add the dry ingredients and mix.
Ajoutez les ingrédients secs et mélangez.

Mix the water with the cement.
Mélangez l'eau et le ciment.

Mix the two types of flour together.
Mélangez ensemble les deux types de farine.
transitive to make sth by combining two things

First they mixed the cement.
En premier lieu, ils préparèrent le ciment.
transitive-intransitive to bring together or combine activities, people, ideas, etc.
(se) fréquenter , allier

Sometimes it's fun to mix business with pleasure.
Parfois, il est amusant d'allier le travail et le plaisir.

The two sides of my family just don't mix.
Les deux côtés de ma famille ne se fréquentent tout simplement pas.

mix up

verb phrasalmix up [ ˈmɪks ˈʌp ]
to confuse one thing or person with another

I think you're mixing him up with his father.
Je pense que tu me confonds avec mon père.
to change sth so that the order is not clear

Don't mix up the two piles of papers.
Ne mélange pas le deux piles de papiers.
get mixed up with sb/in sth
to become involved with bad people or in bad activities
être mêlé/-ée , être impliqué/-ée

Don't let your kids get mixed up in drugs.
Ne laissez pas vos enfants toucher à la drogue.

As a kid he got mixed up with gangs.
Etant enfant, il s'est trouvé impliqué dans des bandes.
; see also mixed-up


nounmix /mɪks/
countable singular different things or people that have been brought together or combined
mélange masculine

an interesting mix of people at the party
un mélange intéressant de personnes à la réception

We began with a mix of hope and fear.
Nous avons commencé avec un mélange d'espoir et de crainte.

a snow-rain mix
un mélange de neige et de pluie
countable-uncountable a combination of substances used to make sth
préparation feminine

To make the cake, just add water and eggs to the mix.
Pour faire ce gâteau, ajoutez juste de l'eau et des œufs à la préparation.

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verb /miks/

to put or blend together to form one mass

She mixed the butter and sugar together
He mixed the blue with the yellow to make green paint.

to prepare or make by doing this

She mixed the cement in a bucket.

to go together or blend successfully to form one mass

se mélanger
Oil and water don’t mix.

to go together socially

se mêler
People of different races were mixing together happily.
mixed adjective

consisting of different kinds

mélangé, mêlé
I have mixed feelings about leaving home
a mixed population.

done, used etc by people of different sexes

mixed tennis.
mixer noun

a person or thing that mixes; a thing which is used for mixing

an electric food-mixer.
mixture /ˈmikstʃə/ noun

the result of mixing things or people together

a mixture of eggs, flour and milk.

a number of things mixed together and used for a given purpose

The doctor gave the baby some cough mixture.

the act of mixing

The mixture of Eastern and Western flavours works very wiell in this dish.
mix-up noun

a confused situation etc

a mix-up over the concert tickets.
be mixed up

to be involved

être mêlé (à)
He was mixed up in that burglary.
mix up

to blend together

I need to mix up another tin of paint.

to confuse or muddle

I’m always mixing the twins up.

to confuse or upset

You’ve mixed me up completely with all this information.



a collection of ingredients used to make something

(a) cake mix.

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