Übersetzung von “mobile” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivemobile /ˈmoʊbəl, -bil/
able to be moved around
mobile , ambulant/-ante

a mobile library
une bibliothèque ambulante / un bibliobus
able to move around or travel easily

as your baby becomes more mobile
lorsque votre bébé commence à marcher

a very mobile population
une population très mobile
able to move from one social class to another
capable d'ascension sociale

upwardly mobile couples
des couples capables d'ascension sociale


noun countablemobile [ moʊˈbil, ˈmoʊbil ]
Brit cell phone
téléphone masculine cellulaire

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adjective /ˈmoubail/

able to move

A van supplying country districts with library books is called a mobile library
The old lady is no longer mobile – she has to stay in bed all day.

able to move or be moved quickly or easily

Considering his age, he’s very mobile on his feet
Most of the furniture is very light and mobile.

(of someone’s features or face) changing easily in expression.

mobility /-ˈbi-/ noun

mobilize /-bi-/ verb ( mobilise)

to make (especially troops, an army etc), or become, ready for use or action.

The troops are being mobilized in preparation for an attack on the enemy.
mobilization /-bi-/ noun ( mobilisation)


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