Übersetzung von “mock” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivemock [ mɒk ]
to tease and laugh at sb often by imitating them
se moquer de

The boys laughed and mocked him.
Les garçons riaient et se moquaient de lui.


adjectivemock [ mɒk ]
=fake; not real, but looking or seeming exactly like sth
faux/fausse , feint/feinte

a mock fur coat
un manteau de fausse fourrure

"Oh no!" she said in mock horror.
"Oh non." dit-elle avec une horreur feinte.
not real, but used to practice for sth real

a mock exam
un examen blanc

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verb /mok/

to laugh at or cause to seem ridiculous

se moquer de
They mocked her efforts at cooking.
mockery noun

an act of making fun of something

She could not bear the mockery of the other children.
mocking adjective

a mocking laugh.
mockingly adverb

par moquerie

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