Übersetzung von “moon” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounmoon /mun/
the moon singular
the bright sphere in the sky at night
lune feminine

The moon shone brightly.
La lune brillait de mille feux.
countable a sphere that moves around another planet
lune feminine

one of Saturn's moons
l'une des lunes de Saturne
once in a blue moon
informal very rarely
informal tous les trente-six du mois

These days he visits us once in a blue moon.
Ces jours-ci, il nous rend visite tous les trente-six du mois.
over the moon
Brit informal extremely happy
aux anges

You must be over the moon about winning.
Tu dois être aux anges d'avoir gagné.

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noun /muːn/

the heavenly body that moves once round the earth in a month and reflects light from the sun

The moon was shining brightly
Spacemen landed on the moon.

any of the similar bodies moving round the other planets

the moons of Jupiter.
moonless adjective

(of a night) dark and having no moonlight.

sans lune
moonbeam noun

a beam of light reflected from the moon.

rayon de lune
moonlight noun, adjective

(made with the help of) the light reflected by the moon

(au) clair de lune
The sea looked silver in the moonlight
a moonlight raid.
moonlit adjective

lit by the moon

éclairé par la lune
a moonlit night.
moon about/around

to wander around as if dazed, eg because one is in love

She spent the morning moonng around.

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